Sydnee + Porter || August 5, 2016

Life has finally settled down after Syd's wedding, a few large work events and finals. I am finally getting around to posting about their wedding - brace yourself... there are probably way too many pictures in this post but I had the hardest time narrowing them down. 

I just can't believe my baby sister is MARRIED! I am soo happy for them!

She convinced me to take her bridals - it had been years since I had used my camera "seriously" - but I just couldn't say no. We headed up Little Cottonwood Canyon and lucky for us, the wild flowers had bloomed just days before we came. It was gorgeous!  

She, being the easiest bride ever, wanted a very basic reception - nothing too crazy. I did all the signage and large photos while my mom and hubby built the gorgeous serving station. What started out as a small panel to cover the freezers, turned into quite the piece! 

 ^ We had the cutest servers around town ^

 ^ Swig & Zeppe's - their favorite!

We are so happy for you Syd & Porter! We hope you love marriage just as much as we do because it truly is the best! Now, the race for grand babies is on.....

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  1. Beautiful couple! You did great on the pictures and of course I love all of your signs!!!!! Her dress is beautiful! Congrats to the newlyweds!!!! :)