My family is the best at last minute vacations - like in a ridiculous way. 
Like, Saturday mornings you should be up and ready because you could get a call at any time inviting you on a trip to Jackson Hole for the weekend. #truestory

Our last impromptu vacation was a trip to Bear Lake for the 24th of July. 
We decided to give "glamping" a try and spend the day out on the water.

Well, glamping is amazing! We stayed at Conestoga Ranch and it was gorgeous. The view of the lake was amazing and everything about the place was, as my sister says, "on point".

It was crazy to think some people thought this was real camping!
It's definitely nothing like the backpacking trip we planned next week...

We spent Monday out on the lake, which was surprisingly empty! And of course, Kalvin's new baby - the Yeti - was strapped in, front & center! 

Kalvin's farmer tan is killin' it this year.. hahaha


If you ever get the chance to glamp - do it!

Causey Reservoir

Kalvin & I purchased our first swim suit of the season last weekend.....from the clearance rack..... because it's the end of July..... and summer is basically over.

We were a little late to the "summer activities" this year. Work and school and life has gotten the best of us this year. But we finally saw a free Saturday and took advantage of it!

Friday night after my sister's engagement dinner, we headed up the canyon to Kalvin's grandparents cabin up by Causey Reservoir to spend a night with his brother's family. I ate way too many s'mores and lost almost every game of Uno.

The next day, we spent the day paddling around on Causey.
It was so nice to get outside & the water was perfect!

How cute is he?!

We rented the canoe from Campus Rec so after taking it back on Saturday afternoon, we stopped at our favorite burger place - Morty's!  I crave their fries all the time, which is why I am so glad don't live close to them anymore!

Again, how cute is he? 

It was the perfect break from our somehow chaotic lives!