Valentine's Day Weekend || 2016

This year we spent Valentine's Day in Cokeville - we couldn't have asked for a better weekend away! 
Kalvin and I were in need of a break and free time - life has been crazy! 

On Saturday, we headed up the canyon to the local ski lodge. Being such a small town & resort, it was perfect - zero lines & gorgeous views! It had been four years since I had snowboarded and nine since Kalvin had skied! Yes, we were scared for our lives haha. 

Kalvin skied a lot growing up, so he naturally had no problem bouncing back... me, not so much! 
And yes, before you think it, his beard is outta control!

And this is how Kalvin really feels about skiing with me... Haha

We finished the weekend off with way too much food, horrible-dipped chocolate covered strawberries and a little moonlight dancing [Kalvin's classic move].  I just love that man, he spent the entire weekend spoiling me!  I look forward to many, many more Valentine's Days with this hunk!

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  1. Ummm... I love this blog! And I love all the stuff you both make! Keep it up!