Valentine's Day Gift Guide

When it comes to Valentine's Day gifts, I love sentimental gifts! 
I mean, don't get me wrong, I love flowers and chocolate but I love receiving and giving gifts that are meaningful and I can cherish for forever! 

So today I wanted to share some great gift ideas that either Kalvin or I have given each other for  Valentine's Day.  And not only are they sentimental and meaningful - but cheap and easy! Win win, right?

"101 Reasons why I fell in love with you"
Kalvin actually started this gift idea. While we were dating, he randomly gave me his book of "101 Reasons why I fell in love with Morgan". [I know... insert all the emoji heart eyes here!]. Not only was it the sweetest gift from him, but it gave me a great gift idea for him! Naturally, I had to one up him with 105 reasons! I printed the pages on cardstock and trimmed them to fit the 8x10 cover photo I made in photoshop and printed at Walmart.

Chatbooks/Photo Albums
I looooove Chatbooks. So easy and so affordable! Last year, for Valentine's Day, I printed off a new book for Kalvin filled with some of our favorite memories and photos.  Once it came, I handwrote cute notes and memories beside the pictures.  It was so fun to sit with Kalvin and look through the pictures and laugh about all the memories in the book.

Small "keepsake"
Our first Valentine's Day, while we were dating, Kalvin gave me a beautiful necklace from Made by Mary with our initials on it. I have probably worn it every day since... that was almost three years ago.  It's the perfect piece of jewelry and gift because it's something I can always wear and remember my sweet hubby :)

For those husbands, you could buy them a new, nice watch or make him a blanket.  For our first Valentine's Day, I made Kalvin a "man-size" Steelers blanket.  He loved that it was his favorite team and big enough to cover body.

These gifts are perfect for anyone who is short on time [and even cash!] but they are still very meaningful! So, do you have any great Valentine's Day gift ideas?
If so, leave them in the comments below - I may or may not still need some gift ideas for this year...

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