Sydnee + Porter || August 5, 2016

Life has finally settled down after Syd's wedding, a few large work events and finals. I am finally getting around to posting about their wedding - brace yourself... there are probably way too many pictures in this post but I had the hardest time narrowing them down. 

I just can't believe my baby sister is MARRIED! I am soo happy for them!

She convinced me to take her bridals - it had been years since I had used my camera "seriously" - but I just couldn't say no. We headed up Little Cottonwood Canyon and lucky for us, the wild flowers had bloomed just days before we came. It was gorgeous!  

She, being the easiest bride ever, wanted a very basic reception - nothing too crazy. I did all the signage and large photos while my mom and hubby built the gorgeous serving station. What started out as a small panel to cover the freezers, turned into quite the piece! 

 ^ We had the cutest servers around town ^

 ^ Swig & Zeppe's - their favorite!

We are so happy for you Syd & Porter! We hope you love marriage just as much as we do because it truly is the best! Now, the race for grand babies is on.....


My family is the best at last minute vacations - like in a ridiculous way. 
Like, Saturday mornings you should be up and ready because you could get a call at any time inviting you on a trip to Jackson Hole for the weekend. #truestory

Our last impromptu vacation was a trip to Bear Lake for the 24th of July. 
We decided to give "glamping" a try and spend the day out on the water.

Well, glamping is amazing! We stayed at Conestoga Ranch and it was gorgeous. The view of the lake was amazing and everything about the place was, as my sister says, "on point".

It was crazy to think some people thought this was real camping!
It's definitely nothing like the backpacking trip we planned next week...

We spent Monday out on the lake, which was surprisingly empty! And of course, Kalvin's new baby - the Yeti - was strapped in, front & center! 

Kalvin's farmer tan is killin' it this year.. hahaha


If you ever get the chance to glamp - do it!

Causey Reservoir

Kalvin & I purchased our first swim suit of the season last weekend.....from the clearance rack..... because it's the end of July..... and summer is basically over.

We were a little late to the "summer activities" this year. Work and school and life has gotten the best of us this year. But we finally saw a free Saturday and took advantage of it!

Friday night after my sister's engagement dinner, we headed up the canyon to Kalvin's grandparents cabin up by Causey Reservoir to spend a night with his brother's family. I ate way too many s'mores and lost almost every game of Uno.

The next day, we spent the day paddling around on Causey.
It was so nice to get outside & the water was perfect!

How cute is he?!

We rented the canoe from Campus Rec so after taking it back on Saturday afternoon, we stopped at our favorite burger place - Morty's!  I crave their fries all the time, which is why I am so glad don't live close to them anymore!

Again, how cute is he? 

It was the perfect break from our somehow chaotic lives! 

There's No Place Like Our Heavenly Home

Oh, girls camp!

I had the opportunity to help plan and spend the last week at girls camp with 45+ amazing girls! I grew up in this ward and half of these girls we just little beehive's when I  was in Young Women's - one of which I helped hang on a flagpole my last year of camp.... My poor leaders. 

Our camp director came up with perfect theme - The Wizard of Oz, There's No Place Like Our Heavenly Home.

Each day had a theme - Be Brave, Have Heart, Seek Knowledge & Come Home.
During each morning devotional, we handed out the matching character pin to each of the girls to put on their camp lanyard. 

Naturally, we had to include BB Frosch in the crafts! 

We made the cutest hanging chalkboards with felt flowers, unfortunately I got so caught up in the craft, this is the only picture I got.

The last night we "pampered the camper" by making sugar scrubs, painting nails, & braiding hair. We all wore our adorable camp shirts to dinner. 

Terrible picture of our shirts but how cute are they!?

It was such a great week and I loved every second of it but I sure was happy to find my bed again!

Valentine's Day Weekend || 2016

This year we spent Valentine's Day in Cokeville - we couldn't have asked for a better weekend away! 
Kalvin and I were in need of a break and free time - life has been crazy! 

On Saturday, we headed up the canyon to the local ski lodge. Being such a small town & resort, it was perfect - zero lines & gorgeous views! It had been four years since I had snowboarded and nine since Kalvin had skied! Yes, we were scared for our lives haha. 

Kalvin skied a lot growing up, so he naturally had no problem bouncing back... me, not so much! 
And yes, before you think it, his beard is outta control!

And this is how Kalvin really feels about skiing with me... Haha

We finished the weekend off with way too much food, horrible-dipped chocolate covered strawberries and a little moonlight dancing [Kalvin's classic move].  I just love that man, he spent the entire weekend spoiling me!  I look forward to many, many more Valentine's Days with this hunk!

Valentine's Day Gift Guide

When it comes to Valentine's Day gifts, I love sentimental gifts! 
I mean, don't get me wrong, I love flowers and chocolate but I love receiving and giving gifts that are meaningful and I can cherish for forever! 

So today I wanted to share some great gift ideas that either Kalvin or I have given each other for  Valentine's Day.  And not only are they sentimental and meaningful - but cheap and easy! Win win, right?

"101 Reasons why I fell in love with you"
Kalvin actually started this gift idea. While we were dating, he randomly gave me his book of "101 Reasons why I fell in love with Morgan". [I know... insert all the emoji heart eyes here!]. Not only was it the sweetest gift from him, but it gave me a great gift idea for him! Naturally, I had to one up him with 105 reasons! I printed the pages on cardstock and trimmed them to fit the 8x10 cover photo I made in photoshop and printed at Walmart.

Chatbooks/Photo Albums
I looooove Chatbooks. So easy and so affordable! Last year, for Valentine's Day, I printed off a new book for Kalvin filled with some of our favorite memories and photos.  Once it came, I handwrote cute notes and memories beside the pictures.  It was so fun to sit with Kalvin and look through the pictures and laugh about all the memories in the book.

Small "keepsake"
Our first Valentine's Day, while we were dating, Kalvin gave me a beautiful necklace from Made by Mary with our initials on it. I have probably worn it every day since... that was almost three years ago.  It's the perfect piece of jewelry and gift because it's something I can always wear and remember my sweet hubby :)

For those husbands, you could buy them a new, nice watch or make him a blanket.  For our first Valentine's Day, I made Kalvin a "man-size" Steelers blanket.  He loved that it was his favorite team and big enough to cover body.

These gifts are perfect for anyone who is short on time [and even cash!] but they are still very meaningful! So, do you have any great Valentine's Day gift ideas?
If so, leave them in the comments below - I may or may not still need some gift ideas for this year...

Is it February yet?

I don't know what it is, but I am not a fan of January.  
I wish we could go straight from Christmas to Valentine's Day. 
I looooooooove Valentine's Day.

So it goes without saying - there has been nothing but Valentine's Day projects going on over here! 

Love, the Watsons Banner

Handlettered Valentines Day Sign

Valentine's Day Sugar Cookies

Love, the Watsons Banner

Thanks to so many of you, I spent many days making pom pom's and 'be mine' banners!

Industrial Towel Rack

Although it's not a V-day project, I had to show you the recent project my hubby just finished! I can't wait to hang it in our bathroom - who says your towel rack has to be boring?

All and All, we're working on some pretty fun projects over here so stay tuned!