Looking Back || 2015

Soooo, it has been MONTHS since I posted on this little blog of ours. Lets just look pass that okay?

I can't believe another year has come and gone! Like always life has its ups & downs. 2015 was a reallyyy HARD year - but it was also a reallyyy GOOD year!

To make things easy, I'm going to use my love for lists & pictures to make this year's roundup as easy as possible!

+ We spent the first nine months of 2015 living in two different states - Me in Logan, Kalvin in Wyoming.  These nine months were soo hard.  Living alone, being away from Kalvin taught me to appreciate him more than I could have ever imagined. Looking back I still don't know how we did it. [Shout out to Amanda & Dani for keeping me company]

+ During those nine months, I binged on Netflix's more than I would like to admit. Thank goodness for the release of Friends. I also taught more fitness classes than my body was probably physically capable of - but it helped keep me busy!

+ We celebrated our first anniversary! 

+ We spent time during the summer at the ranch and the family cabin.

+ I somehow managed to pull off a surprise birthday party for Kalvin - it may be my greatest achievement this year.  He's a stinker & I can't lie to save my life.

+ Me, my momma & Sydnee went to Luke Bryan! We even won back stage passes to meet Randy Houser. Syd was in heaven the entire concert - my mom, not so much!

+ Kalvin tore his AC joint over the summer playing city league softball. I guess he was trying to prove he's still an athlete haha

+ In August, Kalvin moved home! He started a new job & we moved home closer to family!

+ We began the "Love, the Watson" shop! With life being crazy, we have taken it very slow but our shop will be released very soon!! We can't wait!

+ Our move and my fall semester resulted in the LONGEST, HARDEST semester I have ever experienced.  Not only were my classes ridiculous, but our move meant I drove to Logan (from Ogden) every day. I barely slept & cried daily. My poor husband.

+ Kalvin wants you to know he still hates selfie sticks and pictures

+ After almost four years, I quit my job in Campus Recreation.  This last year of my job was amazing, I met so many new & amazing people, learned so much & we finally opened the brand new Aggie Recreation Center! It helped me finish my minor with an amazing portfolio & I'm so grateful for the experience.

+ We had our second Christmas as a married couple - I was spoiled like always.  Kalvin loves to wrap my present with [or in] random objects so I can't guess what they are before hand. Unwrapping them is a process.

All & all, we learned a lot this year. We grew closer as a couple & there is no one else in the world I would rather experience this all with than Kalvin. 

So here's to 2016 and all the exciting new changes it will bring!