Ten months later...

Finally! No more ugly blank wall. 
For the longest time, I have had "gallery wall options" laid out in our spare room, just waiting to be hung. But my lack of decision making skills and fear of my landlord had me putting it off. And when I finally did decide, I couldn't get a frame straight to save my life. Thankfully, my momma is pro and had it all straight within seconds. 

So ten months later, my mom & a handful of command strips - it's finally done! 
[kind of... I still need to fill two frames. Ha. We'll see if I ever do.]

The three chalkboards are done by me and lead me to my next exciting announcement... 
I have started taking custom orders for chalkboards and may or may not be in the process of opening an etsy shop.. I dunno, stay tuned! :) 
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Weekend on the Ranch

 This past weekend, Kalvin & I spent the weekend at his family's ranch.  We were joined by his parents, grandparents and his brother & his family. We almost had the whole group there - we sure did miss Randi and her family! 

The main point of the trip was to help Kalvin's family brand their new cows/calves. This was my second year branding with the family and I still wasn't prepared for half of it!
This is Bubba. He's my favorite, mainly because he was nice to me. Thus I made him mine & named him. 

We all had our jobs. Mine was vaccinating them. Don't ask what Kalvin's was.

Aren't they all just so cute!

After we finished up with everything, we relaxed in the picnic area (his parents have the best kept ranch I have ever seen!) The boys walked around, shooting at ground squirrels. Those dang little pests were everywhere! 
And there is Kalvin, gun in each hand. That kid. 

We finished out the weekend with way too much food and plenty of relaxing. It was a much needed break.  
It was also some much needed time with my hubby!

And just like always, the countdown to the weekend begins again! 

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