a day spent hiking.

This weekend Kalvin & I decided to take advantage of the good weather (finally!) and spent the day hiking! We decided to go to Tony Grove and hike to White Pine Lake.  As much as I loved the hike, the drive alone was perfect! Thanks to all the rain lately, the canyon is gorgeous right now! 
Due to all the rain, as we began the hike most of the trail was covered with water.  About one mile into the hike, we found a couple of groups resting/turning around because the trail had slowly disappeared.  Although everyone said there was too much snow to keep on going, we decided we were going to let a little snow stop us! 
This is what the "trail" looked like in the beginning and it slowly turned into the picture below.. Ya, I know, what trail?  Lucky for me,  Kalvin is good at the whole "finding your way through the mountains" thing because he successfully re-found the trail 2-3 times! 
I wish I had a picture of the "trail" at it's worst but I kept sinking knee-deep into the snow & was afraid I was going to fall on my face, so I put the camera away.  My luck, I would have broken it! 

While we stopped for a break, Kalvin told me to just hang out for a second and he was going to go look around see if he could see the trail anywhere.  After a few minutes, I realized I couldn't see him anymore so naturally I started to panic a little. After a second of looking around, I found him & his green shirt.  Can you see him? 

Despite how muddy, wet & sunburned we got, it was one of the best hikes we have been on! Needless to say, after four hours of hiking uphill through snow & mud, we were exhausted! So we ended the night by picking up some aloe vera, a large pizza & binged on endless netflix episodes.
I sure do love this kid.  Lucky for me, I have him for eternity! 
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