weekend fun.

So we this weekend, we actually spend good ol' quality time with each other. It was fabulous! 
We spent Saturday in Salt Lake with a group of good friends. We ate lots of yummy food, we went bowling [I still stink despite the bowling class Kalvin & I took], we visited Tony Caputo's, and ended at the Bee's game! I'm not a fan of baseball... but it's always fun to just hang out on the grass, chat with friends and eat overpriced stadium foods.

How cute is he?! 

Other great highlights from this week.. 
I once stopped drink pop.. for like 4 years.. and then I remembered how good coke was.. especially a dirty coke. end of story. 

My sis and I made Kalvin our favorite waffles this weekend.. covered in an unnecessary amount of butter and powder sugar I just can't resist them. 

 Kalvin loves the selfie stick...

I finished up an entrance sign for a wedding this week - I loved the simplicity of it. 
It was the first time I have really worked on a piece that big! I can't wait to see it covered in pretty flowers.

Talking about chalkboards & prints... I have been working pretty hard on an exciting announce that will be coming in a few weeks...  Stay tuned :) 
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  1. How did you make the actual chalkboard and frame? Is it old wood that you put together or did they buy it and give to you to write on? It looks good either way!! Trying to decide on how to make signs for our wedding lol. Also did you write that on there or paint? Are you opening an Etsy shop?!?! If so, yay! You are talented, friend!! Where did you get your selfie stick?? I am wanting to get one for our honeymoon....shhh I'm not telling Matthew about it until once we are there lol he HATES them!! ;)

    1. The girl I did it for had actually already purchased the frame from Hobby Lobby! The hardest part can be finding a good frame! I usually find the frames and then paint a board with chalkboard paint! But yes, etsy shop is on it's way, I really just want to start by taking custom orders, those are the best to do! I got my selfie stick as a joke for Christmas, I think from Hallmark? I have seen them at Joann's though.. weird. No matter how weird you feel using it or whatever it may be, I would definitely suggest one for the honeymoon! It's such a pain to ask strangers to take pictures for you! Matthew will get over it ;)