DIY "laundry room" facelift

Can I even call this a laundry room? Probably not but... it's better than the "washer & dryer that awkwardly sit in my hallway".  I have been itchin' to decorate this space, it was just an eye sore!
So fast forward to Thursday night @ 10:30 pm, I start searching for ideas on Pinterest and next thing I know it's past midnight and I'm taping my washer haha. Normal right?  I was inspired by this super cute idea from the A Beautiful Mess blog.  And this whole thing cost me about $20!!
Here's how I did it!

Washer & Dryer: Electrical tape (pack of 2 rolls) $1 from the Dollar Store
Oh man, this can be stressful if you are as OCD as I am.  I spent about 40 minutes on the washer & an hour on the dryer.  I had to make sure every line was straight & equally spaced.  I gave up towards the end though haha. For the dots.. the tutorial mentioned earlier didn't work for me so I just hand cut circles from the tape - this was kind of a pain but just turn some Netflix and you'll be fine!

Wash. Dry. Fold. Repeat Canvas: Free
I already had the canvas and the paint so this one was a freebie.

Tin, Chalkboard, Jar & Candle: Walmart, $10 total
Honestly, life is just too short to spend your time folding socks! So in the bin they go! [Sorry Grandma!]  I used a jar to hold my Tide pods and the candle just smelt good & matched!

Prints & Frames: Prints, Free (about $8 to print) + Frames, $3 from Dollar Store
Now, these frames aren't heavy duty but for $1 they are perfect! Starting from the left, print #1 & print #2  & print #3.  

I honestly can't believe much of a difference this makes to my "laundry room/hallway"!
If you have any questions about the process or what I used, feel free to comment below or email me!
Next project, the kitchen!
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