DIY Garbage Disposal Bombs

For the past few weeks I have been in "spring clean" mode! I have been loving the "warmer" weather and am just itching for summer.  I have been trying a variety of new cleaning projects and products I find on Pinterest and this one is a current favorite! Probably because it smells the best and who doesn't love a clean smelling sink!
I found a bunch of different recipes but after a few batches this is what I found works best!
You can use any scents, I am currently using Wild Orange with Hawaiian Pineapple dish soap - SO GOOD. 
 Lemon would also smell amazing!
+ 3/4 cup of baking soda
+ 1/2 cup of salt
+ 1 Tbsp (give or take a few squirts) of dish soap
+ 10 drops of essential oils
Mix the baking soda and salt together then slowly add the dish soap and oil drops.  It will start to look like wet sand.  I pack the mixture into a Tbsp measuring spoon and then place them onto tin foil or parchment paper. Let the bombs sit/dry for 24 hours. Then put them in a cute jar and store by the sink. The next time your cleaning, pop 1-2 bombs in, turn on the disposal and enjoy the yummy smell!
If you have any other yummy DIY cleaning ideas let me know!
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  1. Which kind of salt do you use? table salt?

  2. Hi, wanted to let you know I made your recipe, loved it, and featured it in my own blog! Thanks a bunch for the idea!

  3. I made these, but mine just crumble. �� What am I doing wrong!? I tried putting them in a jar but they fell apart.

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