Umm, remember us?

Let's just ignore the fact that it has been months since I have posted anything on the poor, neglected blog of ours.  Life has just been crazy lately and sadly, we have nothing too spectacular to post about. Unless everyone wants to hear about my endless homework and Kalvin's long work days.

Didn't think so.
So, time for some catching up?

+ Last Saturday we spend the day at the park, feeding ducks and sampling donuts from Dunkin' Donuts.  
+ I'm still bugging Kalvin about having a baby. No luck yet.... He's always the responsible one.  
+ We visited Hardware Ranch with a few friends.
+ I spent some good ol' quality time with my sister & mom during spring break.
+ Kalvin has been a major sushi kick - like we order take out rolls at 9:30 pm.  It's killin' me.
+ We had our traditional candle lit, olive garden dinner at home.  He, of course, spoiled me silly.

Work has been really great lately.  My classes are killin' it!  I spent the day at the best yoga workshop ever - I'm finding more and more time for yoga and it makes me so happy! I was also able to spend a few days in LA this week at the national convention IHRSA - looking for new ideas and equipment for USU's new rec center. Basically a trip filled with working out and talking about fitness. 
And that's about it...
Oh, and we hit 10 months of marriage! Go us! Hopefully you'll be hearing more from us soon! 
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