Oh man, this poor little blog of ours sure has been neglected lately! 
Kalvin has been living out of state [don't even get me started on this] meaning not a lot has been happening in my life besides work, school & so more work! 

When Kalvin & I began dating, we began "making memories" - short little video clips documenting our relationship, our dates & more.  I spent the night last night watching all these little memories of ours and they seriously made me sooo happy! I am so grateful for these memories & am so happy we made so many of them!  How many times can I say happy?
happy happy happy!

When I found this memory I immediately knew that it was one of my favorites! 
Here's the "instagram" preview of our first memory made as a married couple!!


I can't wait for all the cute memories we are going to make in the future! 

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