Looking Back || 2015

Soooo, it has been MONTHS since I posted on this little blog of ours. Lets just look pass that okay?

I can't believe another year has come and gone! Like always life has its ups & downs. 2015 was a reallyyy HARD year - but it was also a reallyyy GOOD year!

To make things easy, I'm going to use my love for lists & pictures to make this year's roundup as easy as possible!

+ We spent the first nine months of 2015 living in two different states - Me in Logan, Kalvin in Wyoming.  These nine months were soo hard.  Living alone, being away from Kalvin taught me to appreciate him more than I could have ever imagined. Looking back I still don't know how we did it. [Shout out to Amanda & Dani for keeping me company]

+ During those nine months, I binged on Netflix's more than I would like to admit. Thank goodness for the release of Friends. I also taught more fitness classes than my body was probably physically capable of - but it helped keep me busy!

+ We celebrated our first anniversary! 

+ We spent time during the summer at the ranch and the family cabin.

+ I somehow managed to pull off a surprise birthday party for Kalvin - it may be my greatest achievement this year.  He's a stinker & I can't lie to save my life.

+ Me, my momma & Sydnee went to Luke Bryan! We even won back stage passes to meet Randy Houser. Syd was in heaven the entire concert - my mom, not so much!

+ Kalvin tore his AC joint over the summer playing city league softball. I guess he was trying to prove he's still an athlete haha

+ In August, Kalvin moved home! He started a new job & we moved home closer to family!

+ We began the "Love, the Watson" shop! With life being crazy, we have taken it very slow but our shop will be released very soon!! We can't wait!

+ Our move and my fall semester resulted in the LONGEST, HARDEST semester I have ever experienced.  Not only were my classes ridiculous, but our move meant I drove to Logan (from Ogden) every day. I barely slept & cried daily. My poor husband.

+ Kalvin wants you to know he still hates selfie sticks and pictures

+ After almost four years, I quit my job in Campus Recreation.  This last year of my job was amazing, I met so many new & amazing people, learned so much & we finally opened the brand new Aggie Recreation Center! It helped me finish my minor with an amazing portfolio & I'm so grateful for the experience.

+ We had our second Christmas as a married couple - I was spoiled like always.  Kalvin loves to wrap my present with [or in] random objects so I can't guess what they are before hand. Unwrapping them is a process.

All & all, we learned a lot this year. We grew closer as a couple & there is no one else in the world I would rather experience this all with than Kalvin. 

So here's to 2016 and all the exciting new changes it will bring!

Ten months later...

Finally! No more ugly blank wall. 
For the longest time, I have had "gallery wall options" laid out in our spare room, just waiting to be hung. But my lack of decision making skills and fear of my landlord had me putting it off. And when I finally did decide, I couldn't get a frame straight to save my life. Thankfully, my momma is pro and had it all straight within seconds. 

So ten months later, my mom & a handful of command strips - it's finally done! 
[kind of... I still need to fill two frames. Ha. We'll see if I ever do.]

The three chalkboards are done by me and lead me to my next exciting announcement... 
I have started taking custom orders for chalkboards and may or may not be in the process of opening an etsy shop.. I dunno, stay tuned! :) 
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Weekend on the Ranch

 This past weekend, Kalvin & I spent the weekend at his family's ranch.  We were joined by his parents, grandparents and his brother & his family. We almost had the whole group there - we sure did miss Randi and her family! 

The main point of the trip was to help Kalvin's family brand their new cows/calves. This was my second year branding with the family and I still wasn't prepared for half of it!
This is Bubba. He's my favorite, mainly because he was nice to me. Thus I made him mine & named him. 

We all had our jobs. Mine was vaccinating them. Don't ask what Kalvin's was.

Aren't they all just so cute!

After we finished up with everything, we relaxed in the picnic area (his parents have the best kept ranch I have ever seen!) The boys walked around, shooting at ground squirrels. Those dang little pests were everywhere! 
And there is Kalvin, gun in each hand. That kid. 

We finished out the weekend with way too much food and plenty of relaxing. It was a much needed break.  
It was also some much needed time with my hubby!

And just like always, the countdown to the weekend begins again! 

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a day spent hiking.

This weekend Kalvin & I decided to take advantage of the good weather (finally!) and spent the day hiking! We decided to go to Tony Grove and hike to White Pine Lake.  As much as I loved the hike, the drive alone was perfect! Thanks to all the rain lately, the canyon is gorgeous right now! 
Due to all the rain, as we began the hike most of the trail was covered with water.  About one mile into the hike, we found a couple of groups resting/turning around because the trail had slowly disappeared.  Although everyone said there was too much snow to keep on going, we decided we were going to let a little snow stop us! 
This is what the "trail" looked like in the beginning and it slowly turned into the picture below.. Ya, I know, what trail?  Lucky for me,  Kalvin is good at the whole "finding your way through the mountains" thing because he successfully re-found the trail 2-3 times! 
I wish I had a picture of the "trail" at it's worst but I kept sinking knee-deep into the snow & was afraid I was going to fall on my face, so I put the camera away.  My luck, I would have broken it! 

While we stopped for a break, Kalvin told me to just hang out for a second and he was going to go look around see if he could see the trail anywhere.  After a few minutes, I realized I couldn't see him anymore so naturally I started to panic a little. After a second of looking around, I found him & his green shirt.  Can you see him? 

Despite how muddy, wet & sunburned we got, it was one of the best hikes we have been on! Needless to say, after four hours of hiking uphill through snow & mud, we were exhausted! So we ended the night by picking up some aloe vera, a large pizza & binged on endless netflix episodes.
I sure do love this kid.  Lucky for me, I have him for eternity! 
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Our Anniversary Weekend

I just can't believe it! One year later and we're still madly in love!
Kalvin & I have never been so happy!  I couldn't imagine my life without this boy! 
He is easily the best thing to ever happen to me. 
I was lucky enough to spend the entire week with Kalvin (which is a big deal for us!).  We played a game of co-ed softball, I played around with watercolors while he was at work and we went shooting together.  I was even excited about cooking dinner for the boys - something about feeling like a wife again!  Kalvin was a sweetie and took Friday off so we left for our anniversary weekend early! 

Our original plans were canceled due to all the rain! So we improvised! 
We spent all day Friday in Salt Lake, we visited City Creek & Scheels.  Kalvin spoiled me like crazy, of course. He insisted on buying me "real shoes" - aka anything but sandals or flip flops - but I just couldn't find any I liked.  The sales associates were dying as they listened to Kalvin trying to force me into buy shoes. What girl has this problem?!
Saturday, our actual anniversary, we spent the day reminiscing & going to our favorite places. 
Kalvin really won the cutest husband ever award. We went to the place where Kalvin first told me he loved me, we at the restaurant we had our first date at, and so on. He even took me to see Age of Adaline. Every time I looked over, Kalvin looked like he was dying but I enjoyed it!

Seriously the pretty pond ever. The picture doesn't do it justice! This is where Kalvin first told me he loved me. Followed by a long slow dance and him singing me my favorite songs. I'm tellin ya, the kid can be romantic when he wants too! haha

We finished out the night by eating our wedding cake, which was surprisingly still good! Our cake lady was the bomb a year ago and still is a year later!  
To remember our first year, beyond this blog of ours, I made a Chatbook filled with moments from our first year together and added some personal notes on the pages.  
Needless to say, it was a great week & marriage is amazing!
One year down, eternity to go! I love you baby!
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weekend fun.

So we this weekend, we actually spend good ol' quality time with each other. It was fabulous! 
We spent Saturday in Salt Lake with a group of good friends. We ate lots of yummy food, we went bowling [I still stink despite the bowling class Kalvin & I took], we visited Tony Caputo's, and ended at the Bee's game! I'm not a fan of baseball... but it's always fun to just hang out on the grass, chat with friends and eat overpriced stadium foods.

How cute is he?! 

Other great highlights from this week.. 
I once stopped drink pop.. for like 4 years.. and then I remembered how good coke was.. especially a dirty coke. end of story. 

My sis and I made Kalvin our favorite waffles this weekend.. covered in an unnecessary amount of butter and powder sugar I just can't resist them. 

 Kalvin loves the selfie stick...

I finished up an entrance sign for a wedding this week - I loved the simplicity of it. 
It was the first time I have really worked on a piece that big! I can't wait to see it covered in pretty flowers.

Talking about chalkboards & prints... I have been working pretty hard on an exciting announce that will be coming in a few weeks...  Stay tuned :) 
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DIY "laundry room" facelift

Can I even call this a laundry room? Probably not but... it's better than the "washer & dryer that awkwardly sit in my hallway".  I have been itchin' to decorate this space, it was just an eye sore!
So fast forward to Thursday night @ 10:30 pm, I start searching for ideas on Pinterest and next thing I know it's past midnight and I'm taping my washer haha. Normal right?  I was inspired by this super cute idea from the A Beautiful Mess blog.  And this whole thing cost me about $20!!
Here's how I did it!

Washer & Dryer: Electrical tape (pack of 2 rolls) $1 from the Dollar Store
Oh man, this can be stressful if you are as OCD as I am.  I spent about 40 minutes on the washer & an hour on the dryer.  I had to make sure every line was straight & equally spaced.  I gave up towards the end though haha. For the dots.. the tutorial mentioned earlier didn't work for me so I just hand cut circles from the tape - this was kind of a pain but just turn some Netflix and you'll be fine!

Wash. Dry. Fold. Repeat Canvas: Free
I already had the canvas and the paint so this one was a freebie.

Tin, Chalkboard, Jar & Candle: Walmart, $10 total
Honestly, life is just too short to spend your time folding socks! So in the bin they go! [Sorry Grandma!]  I used a jar to hold my Tide pods and the candle just smelt good & matched!

Prints & Frames: Prints, Free (about $8 to print) + Frames, $3 from Dollar Store
Now, these frames aren't heavy duty but for $1 they are perfect! Starting from the left, print #1 & print #2  & print #3.  

I honestly can't believe much of a difference this makes to my "laundry room/hallway"!
If you have any questions about the process or what I used, feel free to comment below or email me!
Next project, the kitchen!
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DIY Garbage Disposal Bombs

For the past few weeks I have been in "spring clean" mode! I have been loving the "warmer" weather and am just itching for summer.  I have been trying a variety of new cleaning projects and products I find on Pinterest and this one is a current favorite! Probably because it smells the best and who doesn't love a clean smelling sink!
I found a bunch of different recipes but after a few batches this is what I found works best!
You can use any scents, I am currently using Wild Orange with Hawaiian Pineapple dish soap - SO GOOD. 
 Lemon would also smell amazing!
+ 3/4 cup of baking soda
+ 1/2 cup of salt
+ 1 Tbsp (give or take a few squirts) of dish soap
+ 10 drops of essential oils
Mix the baking soda and salt together then slowly add the dish soap and oil drops.  It will start to look like wet sand.  I pack the mixture into a Tbsp measuring spoon and then place them onto tin foil or parchment paper. Let the bombs sit/dry for 24 hours. Then put them in a cute jar and store by the sink. The next time your cleaning, pop 1-2 bombs in, turn on the disposal and enjoy the yummy smell!
If you have any other yummy DIY cleaning ideas let me know!
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Easter Weekend

Somehow we got super lucky this weekend and Kalvin got Friday off - 8 hours of pay and all.
There is nothing I love more right now than days off for Kalvin! And his pay check.. haha just teasin' babe.
After I spent the morning running around like crazy finishing up a few odd ends, we decided to start our Easter weekend with a trip to the temple! We are so blessed to live so close to such a beautiful temple.  I can't believe it has almost been a YEAR since we were married there!
Surprisingly, I don't have too many pictures from this weekend but it would have looked a little something like this... Easter eggs, chocolate, family, chocolate, yummy food and some more Easter eggs.  And maybe some more chocolate.. oops. Not sorry.
The best part of this weekend - watching Conference with my family.
So many sweet, inspiring words were shared and I love that it leaves me wanting to do better.
I just love this gospel and everything it gives me.
 Happy Easter!
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Happy Sunday!

Sunday's are our favorite, church and time to relax - two of the greatest things!
We absolutely love our ward and our calling has been great for us!
I made this quote a few days ago after watching this Mormon message.
 This part of his message really hit home with me.
For the past few months, We have learned this over and over again, God's love is unfailing.
No matter the situation or trial, He is there. Helping us, guiding us and reassuring us that everything is going to be okay!
I am sooo grateful for this!  And not only does He love Kalvin & I, but He loves you - unconditionally!
Hope you all have a great Sunday and a beautiful week!
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Umm, remember us?

Let's just ignore the fact that it has been months since I have posted anything on the poor, neglected blog of ours.  Life has just been crazy lately and sadly, we have nothing too spectacular to post about. Unless everyone wants to hear about my endless homework and Kalvin's long work days.

Didn't think so.
So, time for some catching up?

+ Last Saturday we spend the day at the park, feeding ducks and sampling donuts from Dunkin' Donuts.  
+ I'm still bugging Kalvin about having a baby. No luck yet.... He's always the responsible one.  
+ We visited Hardware Ranch with a few friends.
+ I spent some good ol' quality time with my sister & mom during spring break.
+ Kalvin has been a major sushi kick - like we order take out rolls at 9:30 pm.  It's killin' me.
+ We had our traditional candle lit, olive garden dinner at home.  He, of course, spoiled me silly.

Work has been really great lately.  My classes are killin' it!  I spent the day at the best yoga workshop ever - I'm finding more and more time for yoga and it makes me so happy! I was also able to spend a few days in LA this week at the national convention IHRSA - looking for new ideas and equipment for USU's new rec center. Basically a trip filled with working out and talking about fitness. 
And that's about it...
Oh, and we hit 10 months of marriage! Go us! Hopefully you'll be hearing more from us soon! 
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