Our First Christmas!

Like always, Christmas was amazing! I just adore this time of year! All the yummy food, family times and just the 'Christmas spirit' I guess you could say! 

Some of you may know but Kalvin has been out of state working - insert sad emoticon here - and I was so worried he wouldn't make it home for Chirstmas.  We knew it would all depend on the weather and his work schedule. Well, the night before Christmas Eve, he found out he was good to come home so naturally, he didn't tell me but he decided to surprise me instead.  I could tell something was up, the kid is horrible at not telling me the truth, but I didn't want to get my hopes up either. Around 9:00 pm, I got a picture from him of my own house!! I started to scream & so did my parents, as they raced me to the door laughing & teasing me! Sure enough, there was my cute hubby, standing at the end of my driveway.  Home for Christmas after all :) 

We spend the rest of the week attending family parties, going to movies, celebrating Kalvin's graduation, visting Salt Lake, and so much more! We were both spoiled this year for Christmas! Kalvin was diffently surprised with all of his gifts which made me so happy because he always seems to know what's coming.  Shout out to my parents for spoiling me with a brand new laptop! My old laptop no longer turned on without some serious tinkering. It was time.  [I'll blame my laptop situation for my lack of blogging lately haha] Overall, Chirstmas was amazing despite my week long mesierable cold. I have never been so sick, I swear. By day 3 I couldn't even talk. Poor Kalvin was in the clear until last night but he's so sick now. I have never such a bad cold come on so fast!! 

We didn't get to many pictures - probably because I was so sick & Kalvin's not one to take pictures on his own haha - but we did get a few that I just love. 
   One family party was strictly jammies - so we had to match! 
Again.. my family cannot take a serious picture.

Some how everyone ended up leg wrestling everyone! 
This is by far my most favorite picture of it all! Geez mom, step it up ;)  
Christmas Day - I tried to get some cute pictures of Kalvin & I since it was our first Christmas and all but you'll see I didn't get much haha. However, I will never forget this first Christmas of ours, so many good memories!
I mean come on, this is the extent of our Christmas pictures haha
But he was willing to take a picture with his new grill - he was so excited! 

 Dad was also happy to smile with his new TV. It looks so out of place in our house but he couldn't wait until the move.  Kalvin & I got him a new sound bar to go with it! 
 If anyone asked Kalvin what he wanted for Chirstmas he would say "Nothing. No gift for me, just for my wife." He gave my parents a whoopin' $1.99 budget - he told my mom to get him tic tacs and spend the money on me. He's seriously the best husband ever but he doesn't get everything he wants so we just taped tic tacs to every gift, by the end of the day, we had tic tacs everywhere! 

I also made a few jokes on our NYC trip that we needed a self stick, so naturally, I found a self stick in my stocking.  My mom loved it soooo much. Obviously. haha

Basically, I loved this past week. We spent our last night all together as a family in Salt Lake, where we had dinner at the Cheesecake Factory.  Again, I tried.. but oh well, I love him too much to even care.  I love him so much that I found myself taking a six hour drive to spend the week with him out at his work! So here's to a week with the boys of Wyoming! 
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