Bring on the Holidays!

It's finally December!!
We had a great Thanksgiving but I have been itching for Christmas time.
We spent the past week in New York, soo much fun & I can't wait to post about it but for now... I'm already moving on to Christmas!!
Kalvin thought I was CRAZY for wanting to decorate the house for Christmas seeing how I would have to take it down in a week [long story]. But seriously... we can't skip Christmas, that is CRAZY.

It's by far my favorite holiday! Kalvin learned that when I pulled out my two Christmas trees &10 boxes of decorations. Ya, I'm that crazy lady.  But knowing he was right, I used the small tree & only decorated the front room. I figure I'll make cleaning up a little easier for myself. Either way, I love our house right now!
^ Oops, ignore the blank frame.. I forgot about that..^
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  1. i am dying over your decorations - that tree, and i love how you strung lights through the shelves of that book case! you have fabulous taste and your home really looks so cozy. i can't wait to hear about/see pictures of nyc!

    1. thank you!! :) I'm a sucker for lights! I put them everywhere! haha