Holy crap. Six Months. Half a Year.
How have we been married this long?! 
 I swear this was just yesterday!
Before we were married, Kalvin & I had heard from everyone "Marriage is hard".  Part of me was always like, what does that even mean?! What's hard about it? Is "hard" a bad thing or is it just hard to adjust? 
I was always just a little nervous because of all this "marriage is hard" talk. 
Not because I was nervous about marrying Kalvin - Psh.. haha That was a no brainer - but because I was afraid I wasn't going to be the best wife, that it would be too hard for me or he'd deserve better!
Well guys, we are here to tell you... Marriage is hard! But maybe not the kind of "hard" you think it will be.  
Each morning it gets harder & harder to get out of bed because all you want to do is stay snuggled up with each other & forget about all your worries.  That's hard.  Every night we put off homework to watch our shows & catch up.  That gets pretty rough.  It will be 11:30 pm & Kalvin mentions the word snack & next thing we know we are in some drive-thru ordering ice cream & fries. That's definitely not good!  See guys, marriage is sooo hard ;)
Hopefully you see where I am going.. Marriage is only as hard as you make!
 Sure, we have had to make some adjustments. We have learned what works & what doesn't.
We decided we didn't want to fight, so we don't.  We decided we would put each other first, so that's what we do.  Trust me, we aren't perfect but we are trying.
Now, what we have learned from 6 months of marriage:

+Kalvin doesn't think it's a real meal unless it has meat in it, meatless meals are just snacks.
+saving money for babies & a future home is WAY better than having the cute clothes.
+on that note, I thought I was baby hunger before I got married... it's a whole new level now. 
[kalvin is rolling his eyes & laughing at this]
+i hate giving back massages.. uhhh. but i do it, just for you babe ;)
+Kalvin will never go to yoga with me.  I have tried everything guys. Nothing works.

Even though I make fun of Morgan's obsession with decorating, I sure do love a "homey" home +
When Morgan says "lets take a picture" she means pictures +
She doesn't like when I use the decorative towels. I do it anyways, they are just closer to the shower +
it's better to get dressed after Morgan because she will make change to match her anyways +
Morgan sucks at back massages +

Basically, I just love my husband & don't know what I would do without him!
Here to a million more months together!  
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