current faves.

It's finally Friday! I have never been so happy!
And because I'm so happy, here are a few things I'm currently loving!

hint, hint.  feel free to use this as a christmas shopping guide family :)
Ha. Let's be real.  I have quite the tuition bill to pay & would much rather that!

Anyways... forget about tuition, back to the fun stuff!

1//  I am currently bored of my camera strap so I wouldn't mind this super cute one. 
2//  I love this company & if I could, I'd take one of everything, starting with this iphone case.
3//  I'm not normally a watch girl but this one is just fabulous.
4//  We all know I'm a make-up product junkie, resulting in me needing this.
5//  Lately, thanks to work, I wear nothing but exercise clothes. Judge me. So I at least try to look cute while not getting ready, Nike usually does the job.

Have a great weekend everyone!
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