your typical "i love fall" post.

I just love fall. 
I could spend all year in oversized cardigans, scarves & boots, walking through the yellow & red mountains.
 Pumpkin spice steamers, fall decorations, yummy pumpkin treats, pumpkin candles. 
You name it, pretty much anything with pumpkin & I'm all over it. 

The other day, me & the hubs drove up the canyon near his home for a picnic.
It was soo pretty! I couldn't help but take picture after picture. Before long, my SD card was full!

I, for once, was actually wearing something besides yoga pants & Nikes, so naturally, we had to document it.
Kalvin being the cute husband he is, kept moving me around, trying to get the perfect picture of me! 
Now if he'd only let me take pictures of him...

 cardigan// forever 21   scarf// bohme   pants// h&m   t-shirt & booties//maurices  
and speaking of halloween decorations..
I'm slowly beginning to fill my hutch & finally got my banner hung!
I still have a few more projects/decorations to hang but....... I'll probably just cuddle with my hubby instead!

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