The Pink Series + a Park City getaway.

Every year, for the past four years, the women in my family run the Park City Pink Series race as Team Dixie.  The race is all about women who are fighting or are survivors of breast cancer.
I look forward to this weekend every year.  It's basically a big ol' girls weekend filled with shopping, overeating & a little running I guess. This year unfortunately, I wasn't able to run due to an injury two weeks early.  I was in denial about not being able to run until a few days before when I realized I could barely walk without hurting, let alone run 13.1 miles.

However, because I wasn't able to run I was able to spend time with Dixie & the rest of the supporting team. It was a great experience.  I absolutely love my Aunt Dixie, she is the definition of Brave. A 13 year survivor of two different cancers, including breast cancer.
When I was designing this year's shirt I wanted something that was going to be simple & stand out. They did just that. I loved them!
all the women at the race either fighting or a survivor of breast cancer was brought on stage after the race & given a crown & a metal.  It was so touching to watch them all share their stories & be honored.
One of the vendors during the registration pickup's was selling customized necklaces.  Me & my mom picked these charms just for Dixie.  It was beautiful!

 And if girl's night & the race couldn't get any better, the boys [kalvin, my dad & brother] came up Saturday after the race and we all spent an extra day in Park City.

As you can imagine, Park City is so pretty right now!
We spent some time driving around, gawking at house & the mountains.  When we were driving, I looked out the window & saw a momma moose & her baby! Just chillin' in the neighbors yard, not even caring we were there.
And of course, leave it to my husband to be adorable!
We were walking down the street, the perfectly lit streets of Park City, we walked past a few restaurants playing oldies music when Kalvin began dancing with me in the streets!
This weekend was the best, I love hanging out with my family! Only three more days & we are headed out again for another weekend away.. thank goodness!
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  1. You designed the shirts?? That is so neat! They turned out really well. Do you go through a website?