day on the ranch.

For Fall Break, Kalvin & I headed to Cokeville for a much need relaxing weekend!  Yesterday we spent the day at Kalvin's family ranch finishing up a few last minute chores before winter comes... which in Wyoming could be any day now. Gross, I know.
Kalvin's family has owned this ranch for 20+ years.  I'm not gonna lie I was a little nervous when I was told I was coming with! But the day went great.. there were only a few times I thought my heart was going to stop but I survived! I couldn't believe how big the calves were! And the cows.. after seeing a few bent fences & attempted escapes, I kept my distance.
I was in charge of keeping & letting all the calves into one pen. Look at those glares....
 We first started by giving all the calves their vaccines to keep them from getting sick!
 Then came the branding.. Their were two calves that were born later in the year that still needed their brand.
 Isn't my outfit so cute? I wore a bunch of old clothes of Kalvin's.  Legit boyfriend jeans.
By the end of the day, I was covered in cow crap & dirt, it really didn't matter.
Now this is probably the most flatter picture I am ever going to find of myself! Ha! 
This perfectly describes how I felt about one of the tasks.. Luckily only two fellow's had to lose their manhood.
And by the end of the day, they were all back in the fields, happily grazing. 
Considering it was my first time, I did pretty dang good! [well at least i think so] 
 It was just nice to be outside, in the pretty mountains enjoying the fall weather while it's here!
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