Uhh.. where have we been?

 [excuse my onery husband.]
Oh goodness.  Where have we been?
Moving into a new apartment, prepping for a new semester of school, starting new jobs - the list goes on and on! The past few weeks have been non-stop. We have realized school is even harder when your married because lets face it.. spending time with the hubs is ten times better than accounting homework.  Our new jobs are good - stressful - but good.  I'm really trying to work on the whole "leave your work at work"  thing.  We officially never want to move again. Before moving in, we knew I had a lot of stuff.. but I didn't truly realize it until  I filled our spare room with totes of decorations. I mean, come on, I'm 21 and have two Christmas trees. Why?

We have spent the weeks with family, as far way from school-related things as possible. After refusing to spend hundreds of dollars on pillows, I spent the weekend sewing away!  I can't wait to share them with you - along with a tutorial? Maybe, no promises.
but for now..
 morning trail runs//pillows galore//dutch oven cobbler//kirt's dirty cokes

no wifi means quality time//peewee football games//first day of teaching class//great-grandma B, she's a hoot.
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  1. ugh, moving is the worst - i hope it's over! that cobbler looks absolutely insane, and where are you teaching spin? (have i already asked you this?) i go to gold's spin classes pretty consistently, how exciting to get to teach! also being married + school = disaster. i thought it would be easier because being married means your acting all responsibility right? wrong. haha - good luck with school! xoxo

  2. So, I'm pretty much being a creep and going through all your posts [which are ADORABLE, by the way]
    && I couldn't help but laugh at the picture of Kalvin with battleship.. because I know what game you guys were playing :) hahaha
    Anyways, you two are the cutest. Love you :)

    1. hahaha we all creep now & again, totally acceptable! But yes, we love battleship! It's the best. We love you :)