the best day ever.

I can't believe it.. It's almost been five months since I married my best friend!
Surprisingly, I haven't been in any big hurry to get our wedding pictures back. However, we did get them back recently & I love them!  Lucky for me, my aunt is an amazing photographer & did such a good job. 
 We love you Britt! 

I'm not gonna lie,  I cried when we had to move the reception inside & to a new location.  Probably my one & only "bridezilla" moment... we'll at least I think so.  My mom might say otherwise. Even though we had to move it, going through these pictures reminded me of how perfect it really was.  I am so grateful for all those who helped in making the day perfect for us!

I have to give a big thank you to the women who made my dress possible! We re-did it THREE times, the last time being within days of the wedding.  Fun fact, the dress I wore in my bridals/formals, has a completely different designed top..
I put in some solid hours making chalkboards, writing & re-writing until they were all perfect, along with hand addressed envelopes... crazy, yes but i loved it. hit me up if your interested :)
 Bunt cakes & creamies.  Our favorites! So good too, the lady who made all the bunt cakes & along with the three wedding cakes is a SAINT!
I feel like we are still going through post-wedding trauma as we try to figure out what to do with everything. We still have boxes of candles, glasses & giant lightbulbs. That dang light canopy was a pain to bring inside.. we only broke a few lightbulbs. I have six huge, like 3ft x 5ft, pictures of me & Kalvin sitting in our guest room.  What am I suppose to do with those?!  I occasionally still search wedding things on pinterest. It makes me want to put together wedding for a living. Who's next?
But here we are, almost five months later.  And we have never been happier!
As I have obsessed over all these pictures, trying to narrow them down, Kalvin keeps reminding me that he "doesn't care about the picture, just the women in them".
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  1. oh i love these pictures - the logan temple is one of my favorites! also, your cake is literally the most beautiful cake i've ever seen, it's perfectly classic and simple!! yay for wedding pictures! xo

  2. this is an absolutely STUNNING wedding - the pictures are perfect and you two are absolutely beautiful. happy almost 5 months!!

  3. Marrying a person who you are already so compatible with is really a blessing. I must say you're a very lucky girl!