pure crazyness.

 yesterday after church, Kalvin & I hide ourselves away in our room, turned on hulu & decided to ignore life for a few hours.  later, after a failed attempt of cooking, we decided to eat cookies for dinner. 
it was still the weekend so that kind of stuff is okay.
between work & school, life has been nothing but crazy lately.  
mine & Kalvin's paths cross for a few hours each day, which are spent with both of us buried in school work.  if he's home, i'm at work, if i'm home, he's at work. ya get idea.

 thankfully, this weekend, we found time for a double date with Kalvin's brother & time with family,

 for our double date, we went to my favorite sushi restaurant -- even though i hate sushi, I love everything else. 
Kalvin's cute nieces.  Whenever I tried to get a picture of Maren's cute smile, I got this forced smile.

Saturday morning I went on a trail run with my fam after which I spent sometime playing with my sweet puppy! 
I am so happy to be back in Logan & able to continue my weekly temple visits.  Guys, you must go to the temple.  It's amazing there!

This post has absolutely no point besides the fact it's as close as me & Kalvin come to keeping a journal.  Oops.. 

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