mini tour

So.. not gonna lie. This post is mainly for all you family members who keep texting me..
"send me some pictures of your new place!"
[consider them sent]

It's so nice to finally be settled in!  We still have a lot of bare walls & d.i.y pojects waiting for us though! We [kalvin] are still trying to decide what we dare hang on our walls.  If it were up to me... my floating shelves, mirrors & pictures would be mounted all over our walls.  Kalvin's obviously a better tenant than I am. But come on, what was our $600 deposit for?!

But for now.. Here is our humble abode! And as you can tell, I have been anxiously waiting for Fall!
I wish there was like a scratch n' sniff feature because our house smells just like Fall! 
Hmm.. Pumpkin Spice is my favorite!

So... I made those pillows! So easy & so cheap!!

Our kitchen is pretty boring still.. I have a bunch of things waiting to be hung!

And I just had to give you a sneak peak of our bedroom because it's my favorite!
Hopefully we will have it all done this weekend!

Happy Friday!!
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  1. IN LOVE with your space. you have great taste!