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Logan, UT Temple
I am not even sure where to begin, my heart is extremely full today.  This morning Kalvin & I were able to be a part of the rededication of the beautiful Ogden Temple at our local stake center. We both agreed that it was a beautiful and touching dedication.  For the past few weeks, the temple has been on my mind a lot & a version of this post has sat in my drafts waiting to be finished.  I figured there was no better time to finish it then now!
Two years ago, during my second year of college, I had a conversation with my aunt that has changed my life.  She being a fellow Aggie like myself, began to tell me experiences from her time at USU.  While attending school, she also made it a priority to attend the temple weekly.  She encouraged me to do the same. Although it was a small, simple conversation, I will never forget it.
Coming at a difficult time in my life, I couldn't help but wonder if this is what I needed. I began to think about how much I had taken the temple for granted.  I lived soo close and yet, I barely went. 
 Inspired by my aunt & her testimony, I made a promise to myself that I would do my best to attend the temple weekly.  

For the next two years, while at school, I preformed work within the Logan temple weekly. It was hard.  Things came up, life got busy. There were a few weeks I missed but I did my best as began to see the blessing that came from my visits. 
 It was during those two years that I fell in love with the temple.  I couldn't wait to go back.  It was within those walls, I found peace & comfort.  I looked forward to visiting with the beautiful temple workers and hearing their sweet words.  No matter the situation, I found the much needed guidance that I was looking for within those walls.
On May 9, 2014 my love the temple grew even more as I was sealed for time & all eternity to the love of my life. This is a day I will forever cherish.

  Now, having received my own endowments, am able to attend a session with my grandparents every Wednesday.  These are memories I will forever cherish.  I am eternally grateful for my family and the example they are to me. 

In today's dedication, President Thomas S. Monson said  "Love the temple. Appreciate the temple. Attend the temple." Over the past few years I have been able to attend, appreciate & love the temple and I testify that if you make an effort to do this, you will be blessed.  Your understanding and knowledge of the gospel will grow in ways you never knew it could.  I love this gospel.  I am extremely grateful the guidance it gives me.  I know Christ lives & love us all.  
I challenge you to experience the same.. love, appreciate, and attend the temple!
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