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Ok.  If you know me, you know I just adore places like Ulta & Sephora. A little too much actually.
The amount of money I spend on beauty products is ridiculous! What can I say, I'm a product junkie. Like, after this I am heading to Ulta to grab some things from my wishlist.
shhh.. don't tell my hubby. 
 I love watching youtube, reading beauty blogs & finding new products, so today I figured it was my turn to share some of my favorites!

1//  Bath & Body Works Peach & Honey Almond Body Scrub :  I am a sucker for body scrubs & this one smells sooo yummy! It also has a creamy texture that I love!

2// Tree Hut Shea Sugar Scrub Again.. another scrub.  I bought this last week at Ulta [it was on sale, bonus] & Coconut Lime was actually the last scent I thought I would like but it was my favorite one. This scrub does work - It leaves your skin so soft after!

3// NYX Dusk til Dawn Palette : I have had this palette for about a month & love it! All of the colors are soo pretty, as you can tell I have hit pan on a few of them.  Plus.. it's super cheap compared to other brands like Naked or Lorac.
4// Anastasia Brow Wiz :  I know, I know.. $21 for an eyebrow pencil. Really? YES, really!  This is one product I will splurge on over and over.  My pencil normally lasts a long time & is by far one of the most natural brow pencils I have seen yet.  I use the shade 'soft brown'. Try it for yourself.
5// L'oreal Jennifer's Nude :  Basically, J Lo teamed up with L'oreal and created the greatest drugstore nude lipstick.  Enough said.
 Soo.. have you tried any of my favorites?  What are some of your fav's?
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