the best day ever.

I can't believe it.. It's almost been five months since I married my best friend!
Surprisingly, I haven't been in any big hurry to get our wedding pictures back. However, we did get them back recently & I love them!  Lucky for me, my aunt is an amazing photographer & did such a good job. 
 We love you Britt! 

I'm not gonna lie,  I cried when we had to move the reception inside & to a new location.  Probably my one & only "bridezilla" moment... we'll at least I think so.  My mom might say otherwise. Even though we had to move it, going through these pictures reminded me of how perfect it really was.  I am so grateful for all those who helped in making the day perfect for us!

I have to give a big thank you to the women who made my dress possible! We re-did it THREE times, the last time being within days of the wedding.  Fun fact, the dress I wore in my bridals/formals, has a completely different designed top..
I put in some solid hours making chalkboards, writing & re-writing until they were all perfect, along with hand addressed envelopes... crazy, yes but i loved it. hit me up if your interested :)
 Bunt cakes & creamies.  Our favorites! So good too, the lady who made all the bunt cakes & along with the three wedding cakes is a SAINT!
I feel like we are still going through post-wedding trauma as we try to figure out what to do with everything. We still have boxes of candles, glasses & giant lightbulbs. That dang light canopy was a pain to bring inside.. we only broke a few lightbulbs. I have six huge, like 3ft x 5ft, pictures of me & Kalvin sitting in our guest room.  What am I suppose to do with those?!  I occasionally still search wedding things on pinterest. It makes me want to put together wedding for a living. Who's next?
But here we are, almost five months later.  And we have never been happier!
As I have obsessed over all these pictures, trying to narrow them down, Kalvin keeps reminding me that he "doesn't care about the picture, just the women in them".
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love. appreciate. attend.

Logan, UT Temple
I am not even sure where to begin, my heart is extremely full today.  This morning Kalvin & I were able to be a part of the rededication of the beautiful Ogden Temple at our local stake center. We both agreed that it was a beautiful and touching dedication.  For the past few weeks, the temple has been on my mind a lot & a version of this post has sat in my drafts waiting to be finished.  I figured there was no better time to finish it then now!
Two years ago, during my second year of college, I had a conversation with my aunt that has changed my life.  She being a fellow Aggie like myself, began to tell me experiences from her time at USU.  While attending school, she also made it a priority to attend the temple weekly.  She encouraged me to do the same. Although it was a small, simple conversation, I will never forget it.
Coming at a difficult time in my life, I couldn't help but wonder if this is what I needed. I began to think about how much I had taken the temple for granted.  I lived soo close and yet, I barely went. 
 Inspired by my aunt & her testimony, I made a promise to myself that I would do my best to attend the temple weekly.  

For the next two years, while at school, I preformed work within the Logan temple weekly. It was hard.  Things came up, life got busy. There were a few weeks I missed but I did my best as began to see the blessing that came from my visits. 
 It was during those two years that I fell in love with the temple.  I couldn't wait to go back.  It was within those walls, I found peace & comfort.  I looked forward to visiting with the beautiful temple workers and hearing their sweet words.  No matter the situation, I found the much needed guidance that I was looking for within those walls.
On May 9, 2014 my love the temple grew even more as I was sealed for time & all eternity to the love of my life. This is a day I will forever cherish.

  Now, having received my own endowments, am able to attend a session with my grandparents every Wednesday.  These are memories I will forever cherish.  I am eternally grateful for my family and the example they are to me. 

In today's dedication, President Thomas S. Monson said  "Love the temple. Appreciate the temple. Attend the temple." Over the past few years I have been able to attend, appreciate & love the temple and I testify that if you make an effort to do this, you will be blessed.  Your understanding and knowledge of the gospel will grow in ways you never knew it could.  I love this gospel.  I am extremely grateful the guidance it gives me.  I know Christ lives & love us all.  
I challenge you to experience the same.. love, appreciate, and attend the temple!
To learn more, visit here.

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to my husband.

 warning: this is basically a big ol' sappy post about how amazing & wonderful my husband is. 
My Husband. 
[Insert every & lovey-dovey emoticon here.]
I don't even know where to begin.  He has always been amazing, I mean, that's why I married him. But lately, he's been a whole new kind of amazing.  This semester has been extremely tough for us.  With Kalvin being in his last semester of school, student teaching in both English & Spanish and with me being enrolled in 16 credits while working 25+ hours each week, it's been rough.  It goes without saying we don't get much down time.  My mornings start around 7:30 am each day, working most of my office hours during the day & attending classes during the day, then instructing most nights & not getting done until 7:45 pm.  Which really isn't too late but by the time I shower, do some homework & plan my lessons for the next day, it's late. 
This is where my amazing husband comes in. Almost every night I come home to find my husband making dinner, laundry folded & things picked up.  After dinner, knowing my body exhausted & sore [instructing every day along with getting ready for a half marathon are not a good mix], begins to rub my feet without even asking. And I swear, he does this all willingly! 

exhibit A
^he was very focused on the football game, obviously.^

Long story short.  I  love my husband.  So so so much! Everyday I wonder how I got lucky enough to call him mine! I definitely don't deserve him.  In a few short weeks, we will have been married for FIVE MONTHS (!!!) It's crazy how time flies. They have been the best five months of my life.  I can't wait to spend the rest of eternity with this man!
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pure crazyness.

 yesterday after church, Kalvin & I hide ourselves away in our room, turned on hulu & decided to ignore life for a few hours.  later, after a failed attempt of cooking, we decided to eat cookies for dinner. 
it was still the weekend so that kind of stuff is okay.
between work & school, life has been nothing but crazy lately.  
mine & Kalvin's paths cross for a few hours each day, which are spent with both of us buried in school work.  if he's home, i'm at work, if i'm home, he's at work. ya get idea.

 thankfully, this weekend, we found time for a double date with Kalvin's brother & time with family,

 for our double date, we went to my favorite sushi restaurant -- even though i hate sushi, I love everything else. 
Kalvin's cute nieces.  Whenever I tried to get a picture of Maren's cute smile, I got this forced smile.

Saturday morning I went on a trail run with my fam after which I spent sometime playing with my sweet puppy! 
I am so happy to be back in Logan & able to continue my weekly temple visits.  Guys, you must go to the temple.  It's amazing there!

This post has absolutely no point besides the fact it's as close as me & Kalvin come to keeping a journal.  Oops.. 

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current beauty fav's

Ok.  If you know me, you know I just adore places like Ulta & Sephora. A little too much actually.
The amount of money I spend on beauty products is ridiculous! What can I say, I'm a product junkie. Like, after this I am heading to Ulta to grab some things from my wishlist.
shhh.. don't tell my hubby. 
 I love watching youtube, reading beauty blogs & finding new products, so today I figured it was my turn to share some of my favorites!

1//  Bath & Body Works Peach & Honey Almond Body Scrub :  I am a sucker for body scrubs & this one smells sooo yummy! It also has a creamy texture that I love!

2// Tree Hut Shea Sugar Scrub Again.. another scrub.  I bought this last week at Ulta [it was on sale, bonus] & Coconut Lime was actually the last scent I thought I would like but it was my favorite one. This scrub does work - It leaves your skin so soft after!

3// NYX Dusk til Dawn Palette : I have had this palette for about a month & love it! All of the colors are soo pretty, as you can tell I have hit pan on a few of them.  Plus.. it's super cheap compared to other brands like Naked or Lorac.
4// Anastasia Brow Wiz :  I know, I know.. $21 for an eyebrow pencil. Really? YES, really!  This is one product I will splurge on over and over.  My pencil normally lasts a long time & is by far one of the most natural brow pencils I have seen yet.  I use the shade 'soft brown'. Try it for yourself.
5// L'oreal Jennifer's Nude :  Basically, J Lo teamed up with L'oreal and created the greatest drugstore nude lipstick.  Enough said.
 Soo.. have you tried any of my favorites?  What are some of your fav's?
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mini tour

So.. not gonna lie. This post is mainly for all you family members who keep texting me..
"send me some pictures of your new place!"
[consider them sent]

It's so nice to finally be settled in!  We still have a lot of bare walls & d.i.y pojects waiting for us though! We [kalvin] are still trying to decide what we dare hang on our walls.  If it were up to me... my floating shelves, mirrors & pictures would be mounted all over our walls.  Kalvin's obviously a better tenant than I am. But come on, what was our $600 deposit for?!

But for now.. Here is our humble abode! And as you can tell, I have been anxiously waiting for Fall!
I wish there was like a scratch n' sniff feature because our house smells just like Fall! 
Hmm.. Pumpkin Spice is my favorite!

So... I made those pillows! So easy & so cheap!!

Our kitchen is pretty boring still.. I have a bunch of things waiting to be hung!

And I just had to give you a sneak peak of our bedroom because it's my favorite!
Hopefully we will have it all done this weekend!

Happy Friday!!
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Uhh.. where have we been?

 [excuse my onery husband.]
Oh goodness.  Where have we been?
Moving into a new apartment, prepping for a new semester of school, starting new jobs - the list goes on and on! The past few weeks have been non-stop. We have realized school is even harder when your married because lets face it.. spending time with the hubs is ten times better than accounting homework.  Our new jobs are good - stressful - but good.  I'm really trying to work on the whole "leave your work at work"  thing.  We officially never want to move again. Before moving in, we knew I had a lot of stuff.. but I didn't truly realize it until  I filled our spare room with totes of decorations. I mean, come on, I'm 21 and have two Christmas trees. Why?

We have spent the weeks with family, as far way from school-related things as possible. After refusing to spend hundreds of dollars on pillows, I spent the weekend sewing away!  I can't wait to share them with you - along with a tutorial? Maybe, no promises.
but for now..
 morning trail runs//pillows galore//dutch oven cobbler//kirt's dirty cokes

no wifi means quality time//peewee football games//first day of teaching class//great-grandma B, she's a hoot.
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