ya wanna know what the worst thing ever is?
 this is just the stuff in my room... not even half of it all.
We got sooooo much stuff for our wedding - not complaining at all, we are so grateful! - but it all went straight to my bedroom & downstairs of my house because well.. we spent the summer living in a trailer; everything we needed was already in the trailer! We took a few thing but most of our own stuff, wedding stuff, and things we bought for our apartment in the fall landed in our basement [thanks mom :)].
For the past week I have been packing and moving boxes like crazy while Kalvin spent one last week in Wyoming working.  After a few days of searching, we finally found a place & signed a lease today!  Me & my mom practically just threw our stuff in the living room, locked up & headed home. Needless to say, we have huge mess waiting for us in Logan. No matter how big the mess is, I am so excited to see Kalvin & begin living in our first apartment together!
Oh and after a six hour day...... I am officially Mrs. Watson!!! Umm.. the social security office, worst thing ever? Yes. Did I have to drive from Ogden, to Logan and back to Ogden? Yes. But it is finally official so that's all that matters!  Big shout out to my sister for being such a trooper & sticking out that horribly long day with me!
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