peace out trailer life.

 I cannot believe summer is officially over!
I especially can't believe we have been married almost 4 months! 4 months people!
For the past week, we have been running around like crazy! 
Finishing up work, packing up our trailer & trying to find us somewhere to live in Logan.  Because of things going on with Kalvin's job, he will be staying one more week in Wyoming while I come home & try and figure all this stuff out! [insert sad 'i'm gonna miss my hubby' emoticon here]

Today, after speaking in church, we loaded up our cute little trailer & hit the road!
We have LOVED this cute little trailer [thanks grandparents, we sure do love you!!] We have so many good memories from this summer adventure of ours and can't wait to start a new chapter! 

Logan, we're coming for you!
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  1. I love Logan, I'm so glad you'll be coming back here! If you ever want to meet up, let me know!

  2. ok, that little trailer is the cutest! happy four months - wahoo!