movie on the lake

As we prepare for another fun weekend, I figured I would post about last weekend.  
Better late than never right?
Every summer out at work, Kalvin & his friends hold a fun-filled weekend called "movie on the lake".
The weekend consists of an all-nighter on the lake, watching movies & playing mario cart; followed by a day of floating the river & a bbq, filled with homemade wings & fajitas. 
I think it goes without say we ate wayyy to much this weekend.
When I got off work, Kalvin drove me out to where they had set up camp.  The boys brought out a big couch & everything! After our dutch oven dinner, we began with the movies. The guys made it through the night, us girls didn't last long. I made it to about midnight before I headed off to the car to escape the bugs & get some rest.

All night we could hear the squeaking of bats above us - so creepy! Come morning, Kalvin found this little baby bat & decided he wanted to take it home and name him Batman. 

 The amount of pop we [the guys] went through is INSANE. 
There was one plus to being up soooo dang early, the sunrise was perfect!

We then packed up, head home, stole a quick nap & began packing up the trailer for the river!
17 tubes, a refilled cooler & we were set for the 4 hour float! It was gorgeous! 


 ^ note my great tan line from floating in my sandals ^

Last weekend was great & these weekend we are going camping! I am STOCKED! 
along with 62 other members of Kalvin's family aka family reunion.

Hope everyone has a great weekend!

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  1. that over nighter on the lake sounds like a such a fun tradition! (although, i'm like you...i wouldnt make it to 1am!) and even though bats generally freak me out--batman is actually pretty dang cute! :)