random good things.

 if you follow along on instagram, you know that we think marriage is great. it's a constant sleepover filled with midnight snacks & morning cuddles. oh, and random pictures of the hubs are good too.
vintage car show. how perfect is this picture? this is an actual movie theater we go to sometimes.. real classy, sticky floor & all.
So funny story... This one time I baked & frosted Kalvin's birthday cake before realizing half of my spatula was missing. Guess where it was. Sorry babe, wifey fail. 

this sappy twitter tweet

and best of all....
my husband is amazing! I have been wanting a creative tablet for sooo long & Kalvin surprised me with one (along with awesome new software) last week.  I now blame him for my inability to accomplish anything except designing on this bad boy. 

as you can tell, this post has no purpose. sorry, not sorry.
life is just too good! 

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  1. So adorable! I'm not married, but I live with my boyfriend-- and yes it is like a sleepover every night with your best friend! P.S. I love your handwriting on the tablet!