another good weekend.

 This weekend was another good weekend! We spent the weekend in Kalvin's hometown celebrating the 24th of July with his brother & his family.  Kalvin comes from the cutest, smallest town ever.  Like, 500 people small. They had a great little parade & rodeo on Saturday - the parade is so great, it comes by twice! Well, main street is also so small it goes back and forth so it's not so short! Ha!

After the parade, we took the kids out back & went fishing.  We had a few nibbles but that was about it!  It was such a pretty day though, no one even cared! After fishing, us adults had lunch at the local diner, while grandma played with the kiddos.  Then came the rodeo!

^this is Kalvin's backyard...I mean, come on, how pretty?!^

how cute is she?!
 After the rodeo, the kids wanted to play with the horses so we headed back to Kalvin's.
Kalvin taught Charlie how to take a good 'selfie' hahaha.


Like I said, another great weekend! It has me itching for Friday already - we have some pretty great plans happening right here in our little neck of the woods!

Hope your weekend was just as great!
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  1. that's his backyard? oh my gosh. too good! sounds like a magical weekend!

  2. That horse selfie cracked me up! And that's such a gorgeous backyard. I wish I woke up to that every morning!