4th of July Weekend

I just love love love the 4th of July!
Especially this one because it turned into 4th of July weekend!
 We did it all!

parades | bbq's | multiple snow cone trips | fireworks | baptisms | softball games | fires | outdoor movies

My amazing husband surprised me Wednesday night when I came home to my packed bags & clothes sitting by the door.  We were going home a day early! I was so excited, I didn't even care that it meant driving all night long! It felt so good to be home & with family again!

 In all the excitement, I forgot my nice camera - I was so sad! (#firstworldproblems) so excuse the quality.
 If you haven't had a snow cone from Hokulia, you are missin' out! Be sure to get it with ice cream!
I especially loved all the family time.  Saturday night we celebrated birthdays with food & a game of wiffle ball.
 and of course... lots of sister love.
I hope everyone's weekends was just as fabulous as ours!
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  1. Sounds like you guys had so much fun!! I will never complain about a weekend full of family time :) Really is the best!


    1. We did! Weekends with our family are always the best :)

  2. Love all the pictures, glad y'all had such a great weekend!

  3. all of these pictures are magical. i'm glad you had such a good fourth!