don't wait.

 ^ my first little design with my new toy ^

So lately, me & the hubs have been poppin' in season after season of the Big Bang Theory before we go to bed.  Something about that show just cracks me up..& it helps us both go to sleep. Bad habit, probably, we don't care! 

Anyways... this post/quote oddly enough is inspired by a episode we recently watched. Weird, I know. It was all about Penny learning to be passionate and happy about the things happening now in her life & not waiting for something better to come along to be happy. 
I couldn't help but think about how true this is! So many people I know, including myself, are often saying "I'll be happy when this happens".  This can become a vicious cycle though as we are constantly waiting for the next best thing to be happy.

 A new goal of mine & hopefully yours - be happy with what is happening RIGHT NOW in your life, don't wait!
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another good weekend.

 This weekend was another good weekend! We spent the weekend in Kalvin's hometown celebrating the 24th of July with his brother & his family.  Kalvin comes from the cutest, smallest town ever.  Like, 500 people small. They had a great little parade & rodeo on Saturday - the parade is so great, it comes by twice! Well, main street is also so small it goes back and forth so it's not so short! Ha!

After the parade, we took the kids out back & went fishing.  We had a few nibbles but that was about it!  It was such a pretty day though, no one even cared! After fishing, us adults had lunch at the local diner, while grandma played with the kiddos.  Then came the rodeo!

^this is Kalvin's backyard...I mean, come on, how pretty?!^

how cute is she?!
 After the rodeo, the kids wanted to play with the horses so we headed back to Kalvin's.
Kalvin taught Charlie how to take a good 'selfie' hahaha.


Like I said, another great weekend! It has me itching for Friday already - we have some pretty great plans happening right here in our little neck of the woods!

Hope your weekend was just as great!
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random good things.

 if you follow along on instagram, you know that we think marriage is great. it's a constant sleepover filled with midnight snacks & morning cuddles. oh, and random pictures of the hubs are good too.
vintage car show. how perfect is this picture? this is an actual movie theater we go to sometimes.. real classy, sticky floor & all.
So funny story... This one time I baked & frosted Kalvin's birthday cake before realizing half of my spatula was missing. Guess where it was. Sorry babe, wifey fail. 

this sappy twitter tweet

and best of all....
my husband is amazing! I have been wanting a creative tablet for sooo long & Kalvin surprised me with one (along with awesome new software) last week.  I now blame him for my inability to accomplish anything except designing on this bad boy. 

as you can tell, this post has no purpose. sorry, not sorry.
life is just too good! 

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guess what day it is?

Yep, he's a whoppin' 26 years old! Even though Kalvin hates celebrating his birthday & doesn't want to make a big deal out of it... I am his wife now & I am going to do what I want :) Sorry babe!
 ^ uhh... I could stare at him allllll day. ^
I love this handsome man so much! I am so grateful for everything he does for me, he spoils me constantly! I truly don't deserve him! He is such a hard worker & is always going the extra mile to provide for our cute little family.  He constantly makes me laugh & is the best cuddler, like ever. I am so happy he's mine! Oh, & he grows a great beard, which I love. I could go on & on about him [trust me, I normally do] but instead, I'm off to make you a cake & embarrass the heck out of you on social media :)
happy birthday baby, i love you!
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a wyoming weekend.

  I will be the first one to admit I have called Wyoming ugly & honestly, some of it is!
But...... the majority of the state is beautiful! Kalvin calls them hidden treasures. Haha.
Due to work schedules [boo adulthood] we haven't been able to get out much on the weekends so when we were both free Saturday, we got up bright & early [9:00 am] and hit the road!
We had been told all about this hike about an hour away called The Sink & Rise.  The Sink is a spot where the river comes down and randomly disappears into the mountain side.   It was insane! All of this flowing water just falls into an underground cave & vanishes!  Then about 1/2 mile down the trail, The Rise, it randomly comes out of the mountain into a small pool before it continues down river! In the small pool, they have placed rainbow and brown trout that you can feed.  I have NEVER seen that big of trout - I wanted to fish so bad! In the video, we are probably 40-50 feet above the fish on a deck and I am not even zoomed in! They were huge!
After our trip to the Rise & Sink, we hit town, did some basic shopping & headed back towards home.  We picked up dinner at a local diner, which is so cute, and headed up the OTHER canyon to have a picnic.  This canyon is one of my favorites! You drive through awesome tunnels and the river is filled with GIANT rocks. I can't even imagine them falling off the mountain. My pictures don't do any of these spots justice, it is all so pretty.
 and of course.. the sign said no standing on rail... I just couldn't help it.
Last but not least.. a little film of our Wyoming weekend! 
and YES, I know it's so. dang. blurry.  It is crystal clear but looks awful no matter how I upload it, so I finally gave up and said who cares!!

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4th of July Weekend

I just love love love the 4th of July!
Especially this one because it turned into 4th of July weekend!
 We did it all!

parades | bbq's | multiple snow cone trips | fireworks | baptisms | softball games | fires | outdoor movies

My amazing husband surprised me Wednesday night when I came home to my packed bags & clothes sitting by the door.  We were going home a day early! I was so excited, I didn't even care that it meant driving all night long! It felt so good to be home & with family again!

 In all the excitement, I forgot my nice camera - I was so sad! (#firstworldproblems) so excuse the quality.
 If you haven't had a snow cone from Hokulia, you are missin' out! Be sure to get it with ice cream!
I especially loved all the family time.  Saturday night we celebrated birthdays with food & a game of wiffle ball.
 and of course... lots of sister love.
I hope everyone's weekends was just as fabulous as ours!
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