GlamGlow SuperMud // review

I had seen GlamGlow & their products all over the place, along with all this hype. 
I was interested, as always, but I immediately gave it up when I saw the price. 
$70 bucks for a 1.2  oz jar?  No thank you!
I have always had problems with clogged pores, especially around my nose. Luckily for me, it has never been to bad - nothing a girl couldn't handle. But being the make-up/product obsessed girl I am, I finally caved.
However, I didn't buy the full product.  I wanted to try some samples first to see how my skin reacted and if it really worked! So I hopped onto Amazon and bought a sample pack of 4 for like $10.  
So what did I think of it?
I think the mask works really well! You can definitely see it begin to pull all the oil/dirt out of your pores as it dries, it's kinda crazy. I was actually a little disgusted because I did not think my pores were that bad! The mask was nothing to extreme, it has a slight tingle to it but dries super quick! [If you have super dry skin, I probably wouldn't suggest it.]  After I washed the mask off, my skin felt great! A little dry, but I could see a difference in my pores - especially on my nose!
Do I plan on buying the full product?  No, probably not.  I think it's a great product & really works but my skin just isn't bad enough. I have owned many similar drugstore products & they have all gotten the job done. I do think I will continue to buy sample packs here and there for when I am feeling my skincare needs a little extra oomph!

Let me know if any of you have tried or own any GlamGlow products, what do you think?!
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