as of late + a video from kalvin.

i am the best when it comes to 'as of late' posts.
let me show you. 

thanks iphone. you rock.
as of late.
+ crepes are the best. breakfast for dinner is the best. i have also been doing good at the whole "cook dinner every night" thing. so i guess that makes me the best?
+ there is theee most beautiful yellow rose bush in the backyard of the man cave. it's the only feminine thing about the place. 
+ me and the hubby went to the local tractor show, which is a big deal here in shoshoni so don't laugh. it was actually pretty cool, we are talking reallyyy old tractors. 
+ we finished out our cokeville reception in sweats, around the campfire roasting weenies. 
+ some parts of wyoming can be so dang ugly, but some parts can be very pretty. 

+ kalvin & me are the happiest when we eat cookies and milk for breakfast. #breakfastofchampions

now typically i would get busy, put it off & repeat the whole 'as of late' post in couple of weeks. it's definitely the easiest. but i have been thinking about why i even have this blog lately, what's its purpose?

i blog because i want to remember.
and i cant trust my journal because well.. it's currently collecting dust on my nightstand.
it has no clue what's going on. 

so in honor of keeping better track of our lives, enjoy this little clip from Kalvin.
I was seriously laughing so hard during this 30 minute 'rant'. 


don't worry, he's adjusting much better now. haha

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