good things.

 kalvin, quick! give me a kiss on the cheek!
a few minutes later, we've had lots of laughs & failed attempts.
good things have been happening over here. 
// summer thunderstorms.
// s'mores. real s'mores & s'more cookies.
// nothing but nextflix & hulu. [any show suggestings, we are coming to the end!]
// dirty diet cokes.
// summer workouts. ya know, to balance out the s'mores & dirty cokes.
// morning cuddles with the hubs.
// endless bowls of pineapple.
// wyoming sunsets & starry nights. a benefit of living in the middle of nowhere.
// breakfast in bed. 

 really good things.
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GlamGlow SuperMud // review

I had seen GlamGlow & their products all over the place, along with all this hype. 
I was interested, as always, but I immediately gave it up when I saw the price. 
$70 bucks for a 1.2  oz jar?  No thank you!
I have always had problems with clogged pores, especially around my nose. Luckily for me, it has never been to bad - nothing a girl couldn't handle. But being the make-up/product obsessed girl I am, I finally caved.
However, I didn't buy the full product.  I wanted to try some samples first to see how my skin reacted and if it really worked! So I hopped onto Amazon and bought a sample pack of 4 for like $10.  
So what did I think of it?
I think the mask works really well! You can definitely see it begin to pull all the oil/dirt out of your pores as it dries, it's kinda crazy. I was actually a little disgusted because I did not think my pores were that bad! The mask was nothing to extreme, it has a slight tingle to it but dries super quick! [If you have super dry skin, I probably wouldn't suggest it.]  After I washed the mask off, my skin felt great! A little dry, but I could see a difference in my pores - especially on my nose!
Do I plan on buying the full product?  No, probably not.  I think it's a great product & really works but my skin just isn't bad enough. I have owned many similar drugstore products & they have all gotten the job done. I do think I will continue to buy sample packs here and there for when I am feeling my skincare needs a little extra oomph!

Let me know if any of you have tried or own any GlamGlow products, what do you think?!
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as of late + a video from kalvin.

i am the best when it comes to 'as of late' posts.
let me show you. 

thanks iphone. you rock.
as of late.
+ crepes are the best. breakfast for dinner is the best. i have also been doing good at the whole "cook dinner every night" thing. so i guess that makes me the best?
+ there is theee most beautiful yellow rose bush in the backyard of the man cave. it's the only feminine thing about the place. 
+ me and the hubby went to the local tractor show, which is a big deal here in shoshoni so don't laugh. it was actually pretty cool, we are talking reallyyy old tractors. 
+ we finished out our cokeville reception in sweats, around the campfire roasting weenies. 
+ some parts of wyoming can be so dang ugly, but some parts can be very pretty. 

+ kalvin & me are the happiest when we eat cookies and milk for breakfast. #breakfastofchampions

now typically i would get busy, put it off & repeat the whole 'as of late' post in couple of weeks. it's definitely the easiest. but i have been thinking about why i even have this blog lately, what's its purpose?

i blog because i want to remember.
and i cant trust my journal because well.. it's currently collecting dust on my nightstand.
it has no clue what's going on. 

so in honor of keeping better track of our lives, enjoy this little clip from Kalvin.
I was seriously laughing so hard during this 30 minute 'rant'. 


don't worry, he's adjusting much better now. haha

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reception. round two.

This past weekend we spent another great weekend, with friends & family, celebrating!
Kalvin is from a very small [like so small] Wyoming town called Cokeville.
Thanks to all of our families hard work, our second reception went perfectly! We weren't even rained out like our first one, thank goodness!

 these pictures are HUGE i know, they were made like that for our first reception, but we couldn't not use them again, I love them!
 ^one of the many chalkboards I made^

Kalvin's backyard is gorgeous! Perfect for a backyard reception!
We were definitely spoiled with two receptions, but we are thankful to be done with all the wedding stuff! 
It's time to just be married :)
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she was right, it is the best cake ever.

I definitely let my sweet tooth get the best of me this weekend. like, really bad. thanks to my new toy, aka the fabulous kitchen aid, all i want to do is cook. ha, don't worry, the desire is slowly fading.
thanks to an afternoon on pinterest [curse you] & in celebration of three weeks of marriage, i made cake. 
meaning homemade frosting too, which then meant cupcakes the next day because of all the left over frosting.  
come on, you can never throw out perfectly good frosting. 
i am not about to take any credit for these fabulous recipes so i'm going to make it easy.
cake [here] & frosting [here]
you're welcome!

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