#trailerlife - our summer adventure

[thank you grandparents for letting us borrow your lovely trailer]
Yep, we are all about the #trailerlife now.
Kalvin likes to joke "sometimes we are trailer trash but mainly trailer class" haha.
For several years now, Kalvin spends his breaks in an oil field located in the middle of nowhere aka Wyoming. As we began to make plans for life after the wedding, it became obvious that the best financial decision for us was to spend the summer in Wyoming where Kalvin can work. 
It was also obvious that our housing options would be pretty slim too. 
Kalvin normal lives in the "man cave" with a few other friends of his but he can't live their no more, he's a married man.  But they are nice enough to let me borrow the cave during the day for things like laundry & working out. ya know, the important things in life. psh.
Due to lack of housing and the outrageous pricing of the "housing" there was... we picked the trailer. 
Can you blame us? All we do is pay for hook ups and we are golden! And apparently, it's the cool thing to do out here in the oil fields.
So, here we are, in what I feel like is the middle of nowhere but I have never been happier! I have found lots of things to keep me preoccupied but I still spend most of the day counting down to 4:30 pm but who wouldn't if you had a hot hubby like mine?!

Now, I am off to make celebration cupcakes! Why?
Because it's friday [hello weekend] & we have officially been married three weeks!

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  1. this is absolutely so stinken cute- im actually a little jealous.... way better than our first place!!!