Honeymoon Overload

and.. just like that the honeymoon is over.
honeymoons are mean.
beautiful views, warm weather, endless food, no worries.
and then just like that, reality is smacking you in the face as you touchdown in SLC airport.
however.....while you are "honeymooning" they are fabulous!
we had the most amazing week in Cozumel! Everything from the weather to the area was perfect!
we spent a lot of time at the beach, hanging out around the resort & in town. 
it was so nice just to relax & spend time with each other again. 
so as always, here comes a picture overload.
our resort was right on the beach - gorgeous!
The water was so warm & clear there it was amazing! 
Although I HATE open water & fish, I decided to be tough and try out this snorkeling excursion Kalvin wanted to go on [great wife, i know].  It was really cool, lots of pretty fish but... I stayed in the boat on the last stop, I had enough fishies.
On the third day, we rented a car and drove around the island! We stopped at a bunch of little beaches and huts. Our main visit was to Punta Sur, where were able to go to the top of this old lighthouse. The view was incredible!
  the fruit was the best
We were told by friends Coconuts Bar was a must! It was this bar located right on the side of the cliff, overlooking the ocean. It definitely more of an "adult" bar but it was delicious!  Just don't open any photo books they bring around... you'll see some coconuts for sure!
Through the entire trip all I wanted to do was drink from a coconut.  I was pretty stoked when they brought out a bunch of coconuts to the pool and started cutting them up!
The drinks were soo good there. I am pretty sure I lived off of Banana Mama's all week.
We also took a ride around the south side of the island on that cute little sailboat! Because of Kalvin spoke Spanish, we were able to get so many hooks up, like an extra long ride to a private beach!
 We also visited the Mayan Ruins!
We were known as the "honeymooners" everywhere we went.
The vacation was perfect! I was so grateful for some quality time with my new hubby!
[And yes, I am that annoying girl who now overuses the word "husband"]
But, more than anything, our wedding day was perfect! It was all one big blur and we were left exhausted but it was easily the best day ever! I can't wait to share it!
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  1. looks like you had an amazing honeymoon! congrats girl!!

  2. These pictures are AMAZING! Looks like an incredible trip!

  3. seriously????..... im so jealous!!!! these pics are flippen awesome!!

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