this whole engagement thing.

[one thing I have loved - having a reason to force kalvin into taking pictures with me]
this whole engagement thing has been a pain lately. 
I am trying so hard to do whatever one says, "enjoy this part of your life, it's so fun!"
But as of right now, I am over it.
We could have the wedding tomorrow and I wouldn't care what color anything is, how it comes together, or if anyone even shows up.   As long as Kalvin and family were there I would be the happiest bride ever!  
I know it's just the stress of school & work getting to me, but I really think the guest list is going to kill me. And if it doesn't, the fact our invites have even been printed yet and our wedding is in 17 days will. 
With that said.. here's something to laugh at this fine Monday afternoon.
I was legitimately planning on hand addressing all of our closest family/friends invites. 
HA! I have done a few and that's about it.
maybe for someone else wedding.
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  1. Good luck with wedding planning! I was so stressed that I was sick the whole week of my wedding and then the whole week of our honeymoon.