The Proposal

Before I start my story you must know that me and Kalvin love to go shooting - we are also very competitive so that makes our trips shooting very interesting.   A few months before we got engaged, we went trap shooting, along with his family, during which I smoked Kalvin. Needless to say, he has never lived it down.

Kalvin was very old fashion when it came to buying a ring and the proposal.. everything was hush hush and I didn't know when to expect it. I gave him my thoughts about what kind of ring I would like but that is about it.. We didn't talk about it much, except when we all made fun of him for being "slow".

Towards the end of November, we planned a trip to Kalvin's home town for the weekend.  We did this often so I didn't even think much of it. Saturday morning we decided we were going to go shooting.  We made targets with things that were bugging/stressing us out. Mine were school, work, kalvin being "slow", etc. and Kalvin.. roommates & ankle boots [don't ask]. We then taped the targets to milk cartons and buckets. 

Naturally it was freezing, so I sat in the truck as Kalvin walked down range to set up my third round of targets.  Then when we returned I jump out and got ready to shoot.  He told me to shoot the one on the bucket first. So through my scope, I found the bucket.  Immediately I see "Morgan, will you marry me?". Thinking I am going crazy, I ask him repeatedly what is says. With a smirk on his face, claiming he doesn't know, he tells me to read it again.

"Morgan, will you marry me?"  As I turn around, I find Kalvin behind me, on one knee with the most beautiful ring in his hand.  He said a lot of beautiful words after this, which sadly I don't remember exactly through the tears and shaky hands.

Of course, I had to make it official.  I had two more targets to pick from. Yes or No.  I shot yes, the first try with this bullet. Which is now engraved.. "Morgan & Kalvin  November 23, 2013" [thanks mom]

The night continued by taking me to the mountain top to watch the sunset and returning home to find the house completely covered with 'twinkly lights' and a candle lit dinner. All of my favorites. 

He definitely surprised me. He had the ring for almost two weeks, driving back and forth preparing for it. I obviously must have been oblivious! Kalvin joked with me about how I couldn't stop smiling and how I was so happy saying "we should get engaged more often" haha It's true, I couldn't stop smiling!

And I haven't stopped smiling since!
I can't wait to marry him!
#24moredays [yes, i just hashtagged]

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