For the past few days I have been dying over our engagements! Our photographer, my auntie, did an amazing job! Too good of a job actually, she has made it so hard to pick! We actually did two sets of engagements because I wanted both casual and "fancy" pictures. Kalvin was such a sweetie & let me drag him along for two full days of pictures.  If you know Kalvin, that is a big deal.  He must love me or something!
Here are a few of my favorites from our "fancy" shoot.


location//Utah State Capitol   Dress//Nordstrom Suit//Men's Wearhouse
Guys - we are sooo close!
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  1. Beautiful pictures! Thanks for posting more. I truly can't wait to finally meet you. I am very happy for you both!

  2. Beautiful blog, Morgan! It's fun to get to know you better:) I'm so excited for you guys!! ~Kamie Tingey

  3. Also, I haven't posted any of our engagement pictures, but Ethan & I did fancy with me in a knee-length black dress, and him in black pants, a white shirt & black tie. We are the same, I think.