Our First Christmas!

Like always, Christmas was amazing! I just adore this time of year! All the yummy food, family times and just the 'Christmas spirit' I guess you could say! 

Some of you may know but Kalvin has been out of state working - insert sad emoticon here - and I was so worried he wouldn't make it home for Chirstmas.  We knew it would all depend on the weather and his work schedule. Well, the night before Christmas Eve, he found out he was good to come home so naturally, he didn't tell me but he decided to surprise me instead.  I could tell something was up, the kid is horrible at not telling me the truth, but I didn't want to get my hopes up either. Around 9:00 pm, I got a picture from him of my own house!! I started to scream & so did my parents, as they raced me to the door laughing & teasing me! Sure enough, there was my cute hubby, standing at the end of my driveway.  Home for Christmas after all :) 

We spend the rest of the week attending family parties, going to movies, celebrating Kalvin's graduation, visting Salt Lake, and so much more! We were both spoiled this year for Christmas! Kalvin was diffently surprised with all of his gifts which made me so happy because he always seems to know what's coming.  Shout out to my parents for spoiling me with a brand new laptop! My old laptop no longer turned on without some serious tinkering. It was time.  [I'll blame my laptop situation for my lack of blogging lately haha] Overall, Chirstmas was amazing despite my week long mesierable cold. I have never been so sick, I swear. By day 3 I couldn't even talk. Poor Kalvin was in the clear until last night but he's so sick now. I have never such a bad cold come on so fast!! 

We didn't get to many pictures - probably because I was so sick & Kalvin's not one to take pictures on his own haha - but we did get a few that I just love. 
   One family party was strictly jammies - so we had to match! 
Again.. my family cannot take a serious picture.

Some how everyone ended up leg wrestling everyone! 
This is by far my most favorite picture of it all! Geez mom, step it up ;)  
Christmas Day - I tried to get some cute pictures of Kalvin & I since it was our first Christmas and all but you'll see I didn't get much haha. However, I will never forget this first Christmas of ours, so many good memories!
I mean come on, this is the extent of our Christmas pictures haha
But he was willing to take a picture with his new grill - he was so excited! 

 Dad was also happy to smile with his new TV. It looks so out of place in our house but he couldn't wait until the move.  Kalvin & I got him a new sound bar to go with it! 
 If anyone asked Kalvin what he wanted for Chirstmas he would say "Nothing. No gift for me, just for my wife." He gave my parents a whoopin' $1.99 budget - he told my mom to get him tic tacs and spend the money on me. He's seriously the best husband ever but he doesn't get everything he wants so we just taped tic tacs to every gift, by the end of the day, we had tic tacs everywhere! 

I also made a few jokes on our NYC trip that we needed a self stick, so naturally, I found a self stick in my stocking.  My mom loved it soooo much. Obviously. haha

Basically, I loved this past week. We spent our last night all together as a family in Salt Lake, where we had dinner at the Cheesecake Factory.  Again, I tried.. but oh well, I love him too much to even care.  I love him so much that I found myself taking a six hour drive to spend the week with him out at his work! So here's to a week with the boys of Wyoming! 
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our week in NYC

For Thanksgiving Break [yes, I know that was forever ago - horrible blogger right here] my parents surprised our family with a trip to New York! Yes, my parents are amazing! Sadly- my sister, who is playing college ball, wasn't able to come - we missed you so much!  But it was such a nice break from the semester, just what we needed.  However, when we got back, we were thrown back to into the stresses of finals weeks so that is why it has taken so long for me to post about this trip! That & I have had the hardest time narrowing down the pictures. I wish I could post them all!  
Let me start by saying we had the prettiest flight into New York.  We seriously saw it all - beautiful clear skies, the most amazing sunset & then the city lights as we landed in the dark! Minus the creeper sitting next to us on the plane, it was a perfect flight.
We were in NYC for a total of five days - a few of which were a little cold & rainy but that didn't stop our party! Every day, umbrellas in hand, we walked all over that city!
We took this fun little 'cruise' around & to the Statue of Liberty. It was extra gloomy & cold this day so for most of the tour, I stayed inside the boat looking through the windows, but of course, Kalvin wanted to be outside on top of the freezing cold boat. I have him to thank for quality photos haha.

I still  can't believe how big Central Park is! We thought it would be awesome to visit the Central Park Zoo - if you can call it a 'zoo'.  We couldn't help but laughed at how small & ridiculous it was. The only zoo-like animals we saw were some seals & some sort of cheetah. The rest were birds, ducks & other little animals. After, we continued walking the park up to the Museum of Natural History.  I loved seeing the ice skating rinks & the carriages pulled by horses. It all reminded me of Home Alone!
I still can't get over Time Square.  I have never seen so many buildings & lights.  These pictures were taken around 11:30 pm & the whole place was just lit up like it was daytime.  Our first night we walked around Times Square & found ourselves caught in the middle of a Ferguson riot... I couldn't believe. I won't lie - it scared the heck out of me. Traffic was complete stopped & before long some fights broke out. How's that for new experiences?
It was Kalvin's top priority to eat some sort of meat [I don't even know what it was] from the street vendors chart. He use to eat it all the time in Spain so we spent the week searching for the perfect cart.
Call us crazy, but we spent Black Friday shopping up & down 5th Avenue. I was in heaven. Of course, my budget didn't quite cover the $3500 purse I wanted but it was still so much fun to just window shop! I did find my happy place inside of Nike Town - imagine that. haha.
Can you guess who decorated their tree's with little blue boxes? Again, I was in heaven.
Don't let my forced smile fool you - by the end of the trip, I was not a fan of the subway. I would much rather just walk. Something about the smell... ehh.
Momma got us awesome tickets to see The Rockettes & the Chirstmas Show at Radio City Hall. After the show, we walked around Rockefeller Center & saw the giant Christmas tree & ice skating rink. We missed seeing the tree lit up by a few days but it was still so pretty!
^Family pictures are just hard for us so we just let other families pose for us haha^
While in NYC, we took advantage of all the New York Cheesecake, duh.
Also - our view from our room was my favorite!!
This city was like nothing else! It's a whole different world there. After a very long wait - we finally made it to the top of the Empire State Building. The view was gorgeous!
I constantly have to make sure he's actually smiling. Little stinker.
One of mine & Kavlin's favorite stops was the 9/11 memorial.  It was breath taking.  After actually being in the city & seeing where the building were, it puts 9/11 into a whole new perspective.  It just breaks my hear to think about how many people were involved. 
Here we are, all bundled up waiting for the Macy's Day Parade. Thanks to mom, we had some really good front row spots, well everyone except Kalvin & my dad - the had a giant plant in front of them during the entire parade. 
This was us, sitting on top of a freezing cold & wet tour bus. I may or may not have complained about this decision. Also, notice during the trip, Kalvin made an accident trimming his ridiculous beard and had to pretty much shave it all off!
The weather didn't bother us to much except, I wasn't able to take as many pictures as I'd like because my camera kept getting wet! I'm Kalvin was just fine with it though!
Overall, it was so much fun! New York is a world of its own & definitely somewhere you need to visit at least once in your life! Shout out to the best parents in the world for such an amazing week!
 This is as close as we get to a family picture, with Kalvin [like always] volunteering to take the picture.
Until next time New York!!
 And because this is as close as we get to a journal, we have to document the 'No Shave Novemeber' beard...
 Uhh, he looks so mean haha.  The picture doesn't even do his beard justice in my opinion. 
And then of course, he was so sad he messed up & had to shave it so short. Luckily for him, it grows quickly!
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Bring on the Holidays!

It's finally December!!
We had a great Thanksgiving but I have been itching for Christmas time.
We spent the past week in New York, soo much fun & I can't wait to post about it but for now... I'm already moving on to Christmas!!
Kalvin thought I was CRAZY for wanting to decorate the house for Christmas seeing how I would have to take it down in a week [long story]. But seriously... we can't skip Christmas, that is CRAZY.

It's by far my favorite holiday! Kalvin learned that when I pulled out my two Christmas trees &10 boxes of decorations. Ya, I'm that crazy lady.  But knowing he was right, I used the small tree & only decorated the front room. I figure I'll make cleaning up a little easier for myself. Either way, I love our house right now!
^ Oops, ignore the blank frame.. I forgot about that..^
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